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Landscape and Forestry Bureau of Nanchang City
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the national and the provincial laws, rules, regulations and policies related to afforestation and the landscapes; draft and organize to implement the local rules, regulations and industrial standards as well as the implementation measures of the city’s afforestation.
   (II) Formulate and organize to practice the mid-and long-term planning, the implementation plans and the policy measures for the afforestation; participate in compiling the urban master planning and take charge of formulating the systemic planning of the urban greening in conjunction with the urban planning authority; draw the control line for the urban greening region (green line) and impose control according to law; review the greening planning in districts and counties, and organize its implementation.
   (III) Take charge of the afforestation within the urban planning area; guide the afforestation in the downtown area, the county planning area and the organic town.
   (IV) Provide the industrial guidance and the macro-management to the public greenbelt, the productive greenbelt, the residential greenbelt, the accessory greenbelt, the scenic forest land and the scenery lake; protect the ancient and well-known trees.
   (V) Take charge of the planning, construction, protection and utilization of the city’s scenic spots.
   (VI) Organize to implement the afforestation project of urban construction; approve the scheme of afforesting planning for the central government, the provincial government, the municipal government and units as well as the troops in Nanchang within the urban planning area; supervise and manage the design, tendering and bidding, construction and quality of the afforestation projects; approve the greenbelt planning of the construction projects and the accessory greenbelt construction design scheme; verify the qualification level of the afforestation enterprises, and issue the qualification certificates; record the final acceptance of the afforestation project.
   (VII) Take charge of the planning, construction, protection and utilization of the city’s amusement parks.
   (VIII) Carry out the administrative law enforcement for the afforestation; accept and investigate the violation and the illegality related to the city’s afforestation; approve the urban greenbelt occupation and the tree cutting and transplantation, and approve the services items in the public greenbelt; approve the tree cutting required by the safety use of pipeline; verify the transplantation of the ancient and well-known trees, etc.
   (IX) Take charge of the afforestation within the urban planning area; guide and coordinate the voluntary afforestation by the citizens and the afforestation by the authorities.
   (X) Formulate a technical and talent development planning for the afforestation industry; take charge of the promotion and utilization of the scientific and technical researches and achievements in the urban afforestation.
   (XI) Carry out the technical guidance and the micro-management for the plantlet and flowers production and sales within the urban planning area; guide and coordinate the operations of the Society of Landscape Architecture and the Flower Association.
   (XII) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: 24F, Honggu Building, No.199, Huizhan Road, Honggutan New District
Post code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 83986081

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