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Housing Safeguard and The Housing Authority of Nanchang City
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the national, the provincial and the municipal laws, regulations and policies related to residence, the real estate industry and the housing system reform; study and formulate the local rules, regulations and policies for the city’s residential and real estate industry; formulate the policies related to the city’s housing system reform, and organize their implementation; formulate the development planning as well as the annual target for the urban and rural residential construction; administer centrally the statistics of the city’s real estate industry.
   (II) Establish and perfect the macroeconomic regulatory system of the real estate industry; complete the warning system of the real estate market to provide scientific references for the macroeconomic regulatory on the real estate industry by the municipal government; guide and promote the information networking establishment of the real estate industry.
   (III) Take charge of the administrative management on the residences of all kinds; confirm, register and issue the house ownership and map the cadastral plan; manage the mortgage registration.
   (IV) Manage the house ownership of the city; manage the registration and employment of the city’s house ownership documents; implement the private houses policies.
   (V) Take charge of the integrative management on the city’s real estate market; handle the real estate transfer transactions; register the real estate mortgage and issue the Certificate of Other Rights of House; register for housing rental and issue the Certificate of Tenancy; manage the home-security housing.
   (VI) Participate in the urban state-owned land usage right remising; involve in the paid transfer, operation, development and use of the urban land usage right.
   (VII) Manage the safe use of houses and identify the dilapidated house; create a profile for the dilapidated houses of the city; formulate a plan for the low-lying ground and the dilapidated houses; compile the quota of the house repairing and the technical regulations, and promote the advanced techniques; take charge of the administrative management for decorating the old houses and buildings of the city, and issue the Non-residential House Decoration Permit; manage the qualification of the house safety certifying agencies and supervise the surveying and mapping result by the house mapping agencies; guide the termite control in new and old houses.
   (VIII) Manage the urban house removal and resettlement of the city; formulate and modify the regulations and documents related to the urban house removal and resettlement; guide, inspect and supervise the removal and resettlement by the house demolishing entities; review the qualification of the house demolishing entities primitively, issue the House Dismantlement Permit, publish the House Dismantlement Notice, and solve the disputes.
   (IX) Manage the real estate development enterprises; take charge of the first trial, declaration and annual check for the qualifications of the real estate development enterprises; approve the early planning of the commodity houses development project, check and declare the annual plan of the development enterprises; organize to check and accept the completion of the development project; formulate the Opinions on the Construction Condition of Real Estate Development Project and implement the management system with the Real Estate Development Project Handbook to supervise and check the quality of the development engineering; approve the License for the Advance Sale of Commodity Houses; make registrations for the pre-sale contracts of the commodity houses.
   (X) Manage the property management enterprises; guide, coordinate and supervise the operation of the owner's committee and the property management enterprises;; guide to establish a new property management system by combining the owners autonomy and the professional services of the property enterprises;; manage the qualifications of the property management enterprises; manage the collection and usage of the housing maintenance fund; manage the funds of house administration office transformation.
   (XI) Manage the qualification of the real estate intermediary service agencies and the agents; standard the real estate intermediary services market, and establish a public, fair and justice system for the real estate market.
   (XII) Take charge of the routine work of the Office of Urban Housing Commission and the Housing Accumulation Fund Management Committee; formulate the implementation scheme for the economically affordable housing (Comfortable Housing Project) of the city; manage the economically affordable housing and the cooperative house-building constructed with the collected funds, and organize their implementation; manage the public housing sales and regulate the rental standard of the public housing; manage the monetize housing distribution scheme and the housing allowance; manage the economically affordable housing purchase by the workers of the city.
   (XIII) Put the housing funds of the city under centralized management by specialized departments, and ensure its earmarking; manage the collection and usage of the housing funds, and promote the housing accumulation fund system.
   (XIV) Establish a new housing distribution system; study and formulate a new supply system for the city’s commercial residential building, the affordable housing as well as the low-rent housing.
   (XV) Guide all the operations managed by the county (district) housing authorities.
   (XVI) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: No.223, Ruzi Road, Xihu District, Nanchang City
Post code: 330003

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