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Nanchang City Management Committee
Main Functions:
   (I)Carry out the national and the provincial principles, policies, laws, regulations and relevant development strategies, industrial policies and reformation schemes on the city construction; draft the construction policies and the administration regulations on the public utilities of the municipal; formulate the mid-and long-term planning as well as the annual planning for the public utilities development.
   (II)Manage the public passenger transportation industry in the urban area; manage the industries related to municipal, the city water supply (including the purified water), the fuel gas and the heat; keep record for the city’s construction work.
   (III) Guide to manage the planning water supply and the water conservation of the city; manage the law enforcement supervision of the utility industry in Nanchang region; manage the urban flood control and draining water-logged undertaken by the Qingshan Lake; take charge of the integrative management on the Qingshan Lake Scenic Spot.
   (IV) Be responsible for the regular maintenance and management on the urban roads, the bridges, the underground passage, as well as the facilities of draining, sewage disposal and the road lighting in Nanchang City.
   (V) Take charge of the planning formulation, the preliminary work, the design, the bidding and tendering, the construction as well as the construction funds allocation and the budget and final account related to the municipal engineering projects; be responsible for project approval, site selection, design and completion acceptance of the public engineering construction projects within the urban planning area; manage the Urban Road Excavation License and the Temporary Urban Road Occupation Permit; manage the Urban Drainage Facility Occupancy Permit; manage the urban area occupation and removing, dismantling, and the urban road lighting facilities alteration; take charge of the toll administration on the temporary urban road occupation by motor vehicles.
   (VI) Manage the technical qualification level and the operation qualification of the municipal units in Nanchang region; manage, declare and issue the qualification of various operation enterprises dealing with urban public utilities.
   (VII) Formulate the industrial technical development planning and plans, the talent development planning and plans, as well as the technical economic policies; organize to study the critical scientific and technical projects, and transform and promote the scientific and technical achievements.
   (VIII) Participate in formulating the site selection and regional planning of key construction projects, the community planning, the flood control planning, the drainage planning, the management planning as well as other professional planning.
   (IX) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: 20F, Block B, Honggu Building, Huizhan Road, Honggutan New District, Nanchang City
Post code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 83986622

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