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City Appearance and Environmental Administrative Bureau of Nanchang City
Main Functions:
   I. Carry out the national and the provincial regulation and administrative rules related to city appearance and environmental sanitation; study and formulate the local regulations and administrative rules for the city appearance and environmental sanitation administration; study and formulate the mid-and long-term planning, the annual working plan as well as the management target for the city appearance and environmental sanitation administration, and organize their implementation; formulate relevant policies, measures and industrial standards, and organize their implementation.
   II. Take charge of the city’s environmental sanitation administration; guide, coordinate, inspect and supervise the environmental sanitation management of each district (counties); manage the construction, the purchase and the maintenance of the environmental sanitation basic facilities and equipments; inspect, supervise and fulfill the responsibility for general sanitation.
   III. Improve the city appearance and the environmental sanitation comprehensively; manage the appearance of the building facade, the sight and the lighting along the street; approve the large-scale outdoor advertisement settings, the store brand settings as well as other outdoor advertisement settings; manage the appearance of motor vehicles.
   IV. Take charge of the city’s solid waste discharge, transportation and disposal; check and manage the qualifications of the operation units dealing with the environmental sanitation and the building cleanout.
   V. Participate in the city’s planning and record the feasible research, the scheme examination and the completion acceptance of the new town construction, the old town restoration and other integrative development and construction project.
   VI. Prepare the annual expenses plan for the city appearance and environmental sanitation administration, and carry out the financing audition during their implementation; count the information on the city appearance and environmental sanitation.
   VII. Organize, coordinate and guide the system transformation and reformation of the city appearance and environmental sanitation.
   VIII. Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: 5F, Block B, Honggu Building, Nanchang City
Pose code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 86515110

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