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Modern Urban District
Source:   updated on: 2018-10-15

Honggutan New District

Honggutan New District is a new urban area set up by Nanchang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for expanding urban scale and building the urban development strategy of "One River Two Banks" in Nanchang, and is the new administrative center, new business center, new cultural center, new living center, new commercial center and new leisure center of Nanchang, with permanent population of nearly 600 thousand and an area of 175km2. Honggutan New District vigorously develops modern service industry like financial insurance, E-business, headquarters building, cultural leisure, business logistics, and etc. The District plans Honggutan Financial Business District of Jiangxi Province covering a land area of 3.89 square kilometers; brings in a batch of brand enterprises for settling down and investment, such as Greenland, Wanda, Wal-Mart, Topspring, China South City, and etc., favorable in the development tendency of open economy. In February 2016, Global Press and Promotion Conference of China (Nanchang) VR Industry Base was held in Honggutan New District; it takes VR industry base as core, having built global city-class VR industrial distribution, and released relevant preferential policies.

Donghu District

Donghu District, with an area of 56.95km2 and permanent resident population of 503 thousand, is convenient in traffic, with several urban main roads intersecting here, covering four subways lines in the future; it is developed in business, gathering a lot of shopping malls, the regional headquarters of a lot of famous business enterprises settle in Donghu, like Wal-Mart, Parkson, Vanguard, and etc., total social consumer goods rank in the forefront of the city; it is active in finance, almost all the national financial institutions in Jiangxi establish branches here; profound in culture, having undertaken over 2000-year history and culture of Nanchang; rich in education talent resources; innovative and inclusive, winning the first batch of core district of “national model city for entrepreneurship and innovation base of small and micro businesses”, possessing the first Taobao local characteristic trading platform of the province.

Xihu District

Xihu District, with an area of 34.8km2 and permanent resident population of 530 thousand, is a representative district of Nanchang for history and culture; among the 8.28km2 regions for famous history and culture, there are 60% in Xihu; Xihu is a main district for the economic development of Nanchang, is the first district with total fiscal revenue exceeding ten billion yuan in the province, and was successfully selected into “National Top100 Districts for Investment Potential” published by People’s Daily. Xihu is a model district for innovation and entrepreneurship in Nanchang; “dream block” of Xihu District was awarded provincial and municipal level gathering area for modern service industry successively, and “Shengjin Tower Business Circle” was accredited as the first batch of “national model area for integrated development of business, tourism and culture”.

Qingyunpu District

Qingyunpu District locates in the south of Nanchang, named after "Qingyunpu Taoist Monastery" (current Ba Da Shan Ren Memorial), with an area of 43.2km2 and a population of about 320 thousand, administering 5 sub-district offices, 1 town and 1 provincial-level industrial park. Qingyunpu District is an old industrial district, and it is the birthplace of the first aircraft, the first wheeled tractor, the first motorcycle and the first coast defence missile in China. Currently, Qingyunpu District is focusing on the development orientation of “cultural and ecological smart place, urban industrial new district”, and emphasizing on building such six major industry sectors as urban industry, business service, cultural tourism, building economy, emerging industry and market logistics.

Wanli District

Wanli owns a jurisdiction area of 238 square kilometers and total population of over 100 thousand, owning such three famous titles as “National Key Scenic Spot”, “National Forest Park” and “National Ecological District”, and such three 4A-level scenic areas as Hongya Danjing, Lion Peak and Zhuhai Mingzhu. It is rich in ecological resources, with forest coverage of 73.94%, making it natural “oxygen bar” and “green lung”. It has obvious superiority in traffic, less than 30-min drive from provincial and municipal administrative centers and Changbei Airport. It successively won the honorary titles like provincial advanced county/district for scientific development, provincial model district for pioneering ecological civilization, provincial top10 model counties/districts for ecological civilization, provincial top10 counties/districts for tourism, provincial-level tourist resort, and etc.

Qingshanhu District

Qingshanhu District is located in the east of Nanchang, with a total area of 127.6km2, administering 4 towns, 4 sub-district offices and 1 provincial industrial zone, total population of about 1 million. It follows the strategy of “emphasizing tertiary industry, improving secondary industry, blending industry and city, and integrating city and countryside”, focuses on the development and construction of major regions like textile and apparel creativity industrial park, LED industrial innovation model park, old city reconstruction of 1.2 million square meters, and was awarded such titles as “One of Top Counties (Cities, Districts) in Jiangxi Province for Investment Environment”, “China Famous City for Textile and Apparel”, “State-level Textile and Apparel Industry Base”, “Jiangxi Food Industry Base”, and etc.

Xinjian District

Xinjian District covers an area of 2193.32km2, administering 18 townships/towns, with a total population of 692400. It was gloriously selected into Top200 Characteristic and Charming Model Counties/Districts in China with Most Investment Potential. Xinjian is convenient in traffic, the only international airport in the city and provincial largest inland integrated terminal are in the District, expressways and highways leading to all directions, inland, railway and airway connecting to the home and abroad. It has formed five-color tourism system of “red, green, gold, ancient and characteristic”. Haihun Marquis Tomb in the Western Han Dynasty, a millennial large tomb astonishing the world, was discovered here. Relying on such four major investment promotion platforms as Changleng Industrial Park, a model area for national industry transformation and upgrading in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Longtougang New Area with “multiple parks in one area and superposition on functions”, Nanchang Xixia National Agricultural Park—an important carrier of Nanchang Green Valley as well as Xinjian District, three main industrial clusters develop vigorously such as automobile (including new energy) and parts, electronic information and intelligent manufacturing, modern trade service industry.