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Modern Agricultural
Source:   updated on: 2018-10-15

Nanchang possesses various kinds of agricultural products, and is the important production base for commodity grain and agricultural and non-staple products in our country. Quality agricultural products like high-quality rice, animal products, vegetables, onion bulb have won good reputation at home and abroad. The City is taking the construction of “Nanchang Green Valley” as lead now to vigorously promote the construction of urban modern agriculture. Through the agricultural industrialization operation, there are 12 state-level agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises springing up, 108 provincial-level leading enterprises and 330 municipal-level leading enterprises, having basically formed grain processing industrial cluster, poultry processing industrial cluster, aquaculture and processing industrial cluster, feed processing industrial cluster, characteristic commercial crop and flower seedling wood industrial cluster, Chinese medical herbs processing industrial cluster and agricultural products logistics industrial cluster, possessing 437 pollution-free products, 59 green products and 82 organic products.