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Four Major Strategic Emerging Pillar Industries
Source:   updated on: 2018-10-15

Auto and New Energy Vehicle Industry

Automobile and new energy automobile industry is the traditional competitive industry and mainly developed pillar industry of Nanchang. At present, there are over 200 manufacturing enterprises in the city, including 9 enterprises equipped with the qualification for complete vehicles manufacturing (Jiangxi Jiangling Shareholding Co., Ltd. subordinated to JMCG, JMC, ISUZU, JMMC, JMC Special Vehicle Co., Ltd, JMT, JSV, JMEV and Jiangxi Kaima Bonluck Passenger Car Co., Ltd.). The city has formed the capacity of annual output of 800 thousand vehicles, products covering many fields like passenger cars, light trucks, sports cars, saloon cars and special-purpose cars, appearing the industrial layout taking Xiaolan Economic Development Zone as core clustering area, expanding to Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qingyunpu District and Xinjian District; having formed relatively complete industrial system taking Jiangling Group and Kaima Bonluck as leader and Getrag, Yuancheng Auto Parts, and other key enterprises as supporting. Meanwhile, Nanchang City captures the good opportunity of the country promoting new energy automobiles, accelerates the R&D of new energy automobile products, gradually expanding enterprise capacity, strengthening safety quality amanagement, vigorously developing pure-electric and hybrid-power large and medium buses, pure-electric saloon cars, cargo vans, sanitation vehicles and engineering vans, etc., actively facilitating the rapid development of new energy vehicle industry.

Electronic Information Industry

Electronic information industry grows fastest in our city, the annual average growth of main business income from 2012-2017 realized 38.4%, and the quantity of enterprises above designated scale was tripled. Currently, electronic information industry in Nanchang takes building “Nanchang Optical Valley” as target, focuses on such three major industrial fields as LED, mobile intelligent terminal and electronic components, with industrial distribution mainly focusing on high-tech zone, economic development zone (airport economic zone), also in Changdong Industrial Zone and Jinxian Development Zone. In terms of LED industry, Nanchang City is one of the few cities equipped with the most complete LED industrial chain with full proprietary intellectual property rights in China, such as MOCVD, MO source, epitaxial wafer, chip, chip packaging, light source, lamps, display screen, backlight, driving power, equipment, and etc. Especially the “silicon substrate LED” technology with proprietary intellectual property rights broke through the technological monopoly of the USA and Japan and obtained the first prize for national award for technological invention. Take LatticePower as leader, incubate a silicon substrate LED high-grade industrial chain covering the entire country to lead the silicon substrate LED industry development globally. In terms of mobile intelligent terminal industry, a complete industrial chain of mobile communication terminal has been formed for liquid lens, camera module, touch screen, mainboard patch, receiver, earphone, chip packaging and complete machine production, able to realize more than 90% regional supporting for spare parts of mobile phones, in which the fingerprint biometric identification module, camera and touch screen of O-Film rank the first place in the world for shipment quantity. In recent two years, the top five mobile phone ODM industry settled in our city, such as Hixih, Wingtech, WIND, Longcheer and TINNO, plus Zhenhua, Nubia and Little Pepper, and annual capacity of complete machines will achieve 200 million sets, expected to be one of the important mobile intelligent terminal industry bases in China. In terms of electronic components, the contact image sensor of Creative Sensor occupies 40% of global market, ranking the first in the world; the output of electroacoustic devices of Lianchuang Hongsheng ranks in the second place in China, and telephone headset for teaching occupies more than 60% of national market.

Biomedical Industry

In 2017, the city possessed 80 biomedical enterprises above designated scale with 45 thousand people working in such enterprises, having formed the industrial development pattern of “one core, three areas and one base”. One core means taking Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Valley of Technology Innovation City as core; three areas indicate the high-tech zone headquarters and marketing gathering area taking Jimin Kexin Group and Jiangzhong Group as leader, Xiaolan Modern Pharmaceutical Production Gathering Area taking Huiren Pharmaceuticals, Jiangxi Pharmaceutical and Jiangxi SinoPharm as leader, and Chinese Patent Medicine Gathering Area in Sanghai Industrial Park of Ganjiang New District taking Sanghai Group and Yikang Group as leader; one base means disposal medical equipment industry base in Jinxian County taking Hongda Group and Yikang Group as leader. It is remarkable in innovation advantages, possessing two national engineering research centers, two state-level key laboratories, eight provincial-level enterprise technology centers and five provincial-level engineering technology research centers. Hongyi Pharmaceutical is accredited as a state-level innovation method base, and such four enterprises are accredited as state-level advantage enterprises for intellectual property right as Jiangxi Herbfine Hi-tech Co., Ltd., Hongyi Technology, Huiren Group and Jimin Kexin Group. At present, our City stably facilitates the construction of China (Nanchang) TCM Technology Innovation City, accelerates the promotion of upgrading medical equipment industry in Jinxian, and endeavors to realize a new development pattern for biomedical industry with better industrial layout, higher agglomeration degree, larger enterprise scale and stronger competitiveness.

Aviation Equipment Industry

Nanchang is the birthplace of the first aircraft in new China, is one of the important aviation industry R&D and production bases in China, possesses national key aviation manufacturing enterprise—Hongdu Group, and Hongdu aircraft design institute (650 institute), Nanchang Hangkong University, Jiangxi Aviation Vocational and Technical College, Jiangxi Aeronautical Institute, and other research institutes and experimental bases as well as state-level enterprise technology centers, provincial and ministerial level key laboratories and postdoctoral workstation, having formed relatively complete aviation manufacturing industry system for training plane, general-purpose plane, and so on. In 2009, Hongdu Group became the only supplier for forebody and middle and rear fuselage of C919, a state-level large aircraft project, becoming one of the major suppliers for large aircrafts. Nanchang Aviation Industry City, a major project of aviation industry in Nanchang, covers a planned area of 25 square kilometers, including 10 square kilometers for Hongdu industry area, 5 square kilometers for avioation supporting industry area, and 10 square kilometers for living supporting area, which is boosted orderly. The construction of Yaohu Airport with a length of about 3600m has been basically completed acceptance inspection, and is about to launch the work of airport calibration flight and flying; it will meet the demand of home-made large aircraft C919 and subsequent types of aircrafts for test flight, and lay a solid foundation for the settlement of No.2 Assembly Factory of Large Aircraft. In 2017, Nanchang High-tech Zone and Hongdu Group jointly established military-civilian integration industrial park, mainly attracting industrial projects related to military-civilian integration, such as aviation electromechanical equipment, standard machining, sheet metal working, mould making, fixture manufacturing, rubber parts processing, and etc.