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Producer Service Industry
Source:   updated on: 2018-10-15

E-business and mass entrepreneurial and innovative development

Nanchang City is successively awarded national E-business model city, national small and micro business entrepreneurial and innovative base model city; Nanchang Jinxian County is awarded the first batch of national provincial-level comprehensive model county for E-business entering countryside in Jiangxi Province. From 2012 to 2017, the relevant trading volume of E-business of the city increased to 222.3 billion yuan from 7 billion yuan, with annual average growth of 99.69%. In 2017, people directly engaging in E-business in our city exceeded 80 thousand, and the quantity of stores engaging in E-business exceeded 28 thousand. Our city has planned to established comprehensive experiment zone for cross-border E-business in Nanchang Integrated Bonded Zone, intending to create complete industrial chain and ecological chain of E-business, building into national cross-border E-business entrepreneurship and innovation center, service center and big data center taking “online integration+cross-border trade+comprehensive service” as major characteristics, meeting six major functions of cross-border E-business such as transaction, payment, logistics, customs clearance, tax rebate and exchange settlement.

Service Outsourcing Industry

Nanchang is the “Model City of Service Outsourcing in China”, and it has become the main battlefield and main force of service outsourcing industry in Jiangxi Province, over 90% service outsourcing enterprises and business income of the Province are concentrated in Nanchang. In recent years, the service outsourcing industry in Nanchang actively adapts to economic new normal, transforming from rapid scale expansion to equal significance of quantity and quality. The Academy of Ministry of Finance granted the title of “The Most Competitive City in Midwest for Service Outsourcing in China” to Nanchang for several times. The City builds 4 state-level parks and zones like Jiangxi Jinlu Software Park, 13 provincial-level service outsourcing model parks and zones like Zhejiang University (Jiangxi) Science Park, having built 18 key public service platforms like Pohu cloud computing, Jiangxi Chaosuan, High-tech Biomedicine, and etc., covering such fields as public technology, information, training and etc. Currently, a batch of leading enterprises are forming: Pioneer Software listed among Top100 China software business; FGSTRONG taking the lead in demonstration application field of internet of things for sensory channel in China; TELLHOW Software and Booway Software Companies ranking in the forefront in the fields of power operation scheduling systeminformatization and budget and final accounts cost software for power system; Kinggrid Technology Company becoming the pacemaker for electronic signature information security products; Golden Sun Company ranking in the first place for education software among national private enterprises; Jiantou Wulian Company ranking in the top three place in China for financial outsourcing; Vooben Media Company indispensable as the leader of film, television and animation works in China, reinforcing the foundation for industrial development.

Intelligent Logistics Industry

By virtue of the implementation of building “five major improvement projects” (i.e. logistics standardization project, provincial-level urban distribution pilot project, logistics industry cluster construction project, internet of things technology application project, advanced applicable logistics equipment application project), Nanchang City promotes the improvement of overall level of logistics industry in Nanchang, cultivates and develops a batch of logistics parks/zones (logistics centers) and third-party logistics enterprises advanced in technology, strong in functions and leading in management, takes “internet+” concept as guidance, informatization and intelligent equipment as carrier, strengthens technological innovation and business model innovation, boosts the integration of logistics industry and manufacturing and commercial industry, enhances comprehensive service ability and overall development level of logistics industry, basically forming socialized, standard, informationalized and intelligent modern logistics service network system. Up to 2017, there were 1286 logistics enterprises registered in Nanchang City, including two 5A-level enterprises, twelve 4A-level enterprises, seven 3A-level enterprises, two 2A enterprises; two five-star warehouses, one gold enterprise for warehousing service quality, and two three-star warehouses; 51 enterprises achieving business income of 30-100 million yuan, and 20 enterprises achieving business income of more than 100 million yuan. There are 16 logistics parks and zones built and 11 ones newly built.