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Four Major Characteristic Advantageous Traditional Industries
updated on: 2019-07-23

Green Food Industry

Green food industry is one of four major traditional competitive industries mainly boosted by our city, also the first hundred-billion industry of our city. There are 100 food industry enterprises above designated scale in the city, covering such four major secondary industries as agricultural and sideline food processing industry, food manufacturing industry, tobacco manufacturing industry as well as wine, beverage and purified tea manufacturing industry. The city established three provincial-level food industry bases such as Nanchang Xiaolan Development Zone, Qingshanhu District and Xinjian Changleng Industrial Park. There are three food enterprises with main business income exceeding 10 billion yuan, which are Zhengbang Technology, China Tobacco Jiangxi and Twins (Group), emerging a batch of backbone leading enterprises with main business income of exceeding 1 billion yuan, such as HuangShangHuang, Nanchang Shuanghui, New Born, Iihaikerry (Nanchang), having form the development pattern taking feed processing industry as subject, and tobacco, beverage, dairy products and meat as backbone. It has a batch of key backbone enterprises like Twins, Zhengbang Technology, China Tobacco Jiangxi, HuangShangHuang, Nanchang Shuanghui, COFCO (Jiangxi) Rice Industry, Wang’s, New Born, Sun Dairy, and etc.

Modern Textile Industry

Modern textile is a traditional competitive industry of Nanchang City, and there are over 2,000 textile and apparel enterprises in the City with nearly 100 thousand employees. In terms of industrial chain, it covers a lot of stages like spinning, middle and low rated knitted fabric, arrangement after dyeing and printing, clothing processing, inspection and testing, e-commerce and materials and fabrics markets, especially that there are backbone enterprises to support the textile and apparel processing and arrangement after dyeing and printing; in terms of spatial layout, mainly focusing on Qingshanhu District; it forms the cluster superiority taking Changdong Industrial Zone, Luojia Town and Hufang Town as carrier, Huaxing Knitting, Global Garment, Jingdong Industry, Fudelong Industry and other backbone enterprises as support, with joint development of lots of medium and small knitting enterprises. The textile and apparel industry base of Qingshanhu achieved annual output of 800 million pieces of various kinds of knitwear, with the output accounting for 60% of the province; it ranks in the fourth place for scale in national textile and apparel industry clusters, and is national important textile and apparel export processing base having successively granted the honorary titles as “China Famous City for Textile and Apparel”, “National Professional Demonstration Base for Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading”.

New Materials Industry

New materials industry is a hundred-billion industry mainly built by our city, covering traditional industries like iron and steel, non-ferrous, building materials and chemical raw materials as well as new materials industry, having basically formed iron and steel industry led by Fangda Special Steel, copper deep processing industry led by Jiangxi Copper Corporation, aluminum-plastic profile industry led by Xiongying Aluminum, steel structure industry led by Xiongyu Group, in which the domestic market share of spring flat steel, automobile plate spring and free-cutting steel of Fangda Special Steel rank in the first place. The series of products of Jiangxi Copper Yates Foil Inc. like 10μm super thin copper foil, lead-free halogen-free copper foil, FCCL copper foil realized mass production and occupied domestic market, ranking among the first ten in China; Anyi is the third largest aluminum profile production base in China, Nanchang County Wuyang prefabricated building industrial park began to take shape. The city has a batch of key backbone enterprises like Fangda Special Steel, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Nanchang Cemented Carbide, Xiongying Aluminum, Jiangxi Hongtai, Xiongyu Group, Fangda New Materials, Kingan Hi-tech, Municipal Yuanda, and etc.

Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Eletromechanical equipment manufacturing industry is a traditional competitive industry of Nanchang, and one of the industries with scale exceeding 50 billion yuan in our City. Due to broad scope of the industry, according to actual development situation of our City, it mainly consists of four major detailed categories: household appliances industry led by Aux and Highly; power equipment industry led by Tellhow and People Power Transmission and Transformation; mining and engineering machinery industry led by Jianglian Heavy Industry and Nanchang Mining Machinery; machine tool industry led by TECO and Just. Products are mainly air conditioner and air condition compressor, smart power grids, motor power, power transformer, boiler, mining machinery, numerical control machine, and etc. In recent years, our city attaches great importance to the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and the construction of pilot and model project for intelligent manufacturing, starts from projects, takes “internet +” as focus, accelerates the advancement of intelligent manufacture and model application, boosts the gradual transformation and upgrading of traditional industry, developing towards high grade and intelligence.