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Producer Service Industry
updated on: 2019-07-23

E-business and mass entrepreneurial and innovative development

In recent years, our city keeps perfecting E-business policy environment, building platform carrier, stimulating market vigor, improving application level, strengthening model guidance, and gradually enhancing E-business development basis. It has basically formed the E-business development pattern of government guidance, enterprise subject, enterprise linkage and social participation. The city has 1 state-level E-business model enterprise, 8 provincial-level E-business model bases, 25 provincial-level E-business modern enterprises, 19 municipal-level E-business model base, and 88 municipal-level E-business model enterprises. From 2012 to 2018, relevant transaction amount of city-wide E-business has increased from 7 billion yuan to 305.5 billion yuan, with annual average growth of 87.63%. On July 24, 2018, China (Nanchang) Cross-border E-business Comprehensive Experimental Zone (CNCECE for short) was officially approved. CNCECE always follows the construction orientation  of “setting foot in Nanchang, serving the whole province”, gives full play to such three major advantages as “coastal hinterland, inland frontier”, “province-city combination mechanism” and “port logistics hub”, strives for build an important cross-border E-business import supply chain center, innovation development center for industrial cluster cross-border E-business in Central China, and high-level open economic demonstration highland in inland area.

Service Outsourcing Industry

Nanchang is a model city of service outsourcing in China. Under the influence of growth in market demand and policy support and encouragement, the city-wide service outsourcing industry appears healthier development tendency with better quality and more vigor, it is the main force for Jiangxi Province developing service outsourcing industry, playing a role of guiding, supporting and demonstrating. Nanchang becomes the only city winning the honor of “the most competitive city in Midwest China for service outsourcing” granted by Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce for consecutive three times.

——having formed a set of efficient cultivation mode for service outsourcing talents. Nanchang adheres to the development path of “talents first, enterprises afterwards, industry last”, adopts “supporting by government fund, operating by professional institutions”, vigorously cultivating profession talents of service outsourcing, having formed “pattern of Nanchang”.

——having cultivated a batch of service outsourcing backbone enterprises taking the lead in detailed industries. Golden Sun Company ranks in the first among national private enterprises in the field of education software; Jianyin Investment Interconnection Company ranks among the first three places in China in the field of financial outsourcing; Pioneer Software ranks among national Top100; Thinvent Digital Company takes the lead domestically in the field of sensory channel; Tellhow Software Company ranks in the forefront in the field of power operation scheduling system information; Jinge Technology Company becomes the domestic pacemaker in electronic seal/signature; Shiheng Information Company ranks in the forefront in the field of national geographic information.

——having forged a batch of service outsourcing model parks with distinctive characteristics. The city has 13 provincial-level service outsourcing model parks, like Jiangxi Jinlu Software Park, Zhejiang University (Jiangxi) Science Park, and etc., having basically formed distinctive industrial development pattern.

——having built a batch of public service platforms supporting industrial development. Mainly build major public service platforms like Pohu cloud computing, Jiangxi Supercomputing, Nanchang Biomedicine, cover the fields of public technology, information and training, and create necessary conditions for high-quality industrial development.

——having perfected a series of more down-to-earth policy guarantee system. Mainly support offshore (onshore) business incentive, international qualification certification incentive, talent training subsidy, park construction reward, call service subsidy, public service, and etc.

Intelligent Logistics Industry

Nanchang, as the capital city of Jiangxi Province, was listed as an important node city and regional logistics node city for the strategy of “the Belt and Road” by the State Council. Since 2015, our city has been successively listed as provincial city distribution pilot, national logistics standardized pilot city, national smart logistics model city and Xiangtang Jiangxi logistics center, driving the overall improvement of logistics industry with pilot and model, achieving increasingly strong distribution function as a capital city. Our city is building eight major logistics clusters taking Xiangtang comprehensive logistics industry cluster as leader, and has been listed into Development Planning for Logistics Industrial Cluster in Jiangxi Province (2016-2020), in which Xiangtang comprehensive logistics industrial cluster, Nanchang urban distribution logistics industrial cluster, Nanchang auto logistics industrial cluster and Nanchang bonded logistics industrial cluster are mainly built. There are 1396 logistics enterprises settling in eight major logistics industrial clusters in Nanchang, including 25 A-level logistics enterprises (two 5A-level enterprises, thirteen 4A-level enterprises, nine 3A-level enterprises and one 2A-level enterprise); having built 22 logistics parks and 8 newly-built or expanded logistics parks. There are 16 logistics enterprises with main business income exceeding 100 million yuan. It is expected that by 2018, the total social logistics will realize 2182.4 billion yuan which accounts for 15.69% of gross regional production.