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Modern Agricultural
updated on: 2019-07-23

Nanchang has beautiful ecological environment and abundant natural resources, possesses various kinds of agricultural products with good quality, and it is a national important high-quality agricultural products base, also a national important production base for grain and agricultural and non-staple products. The city mainly builds 24 modern agricultural model zones like Xixia national modern agricultural model zone, focusing on building modern agriculture of “one park for one township (town)”, springing up 11 state-level key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, 121 provincial-level leading enterprises and 309 municipal-level leading enterprises, having 1312 agricultural products with the features of pollution-free, green, organic and geographic indication.
According to the strategy of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee for “one core and two focuses” and the thought of building new village with “green, wealth and beauty”, our city put forward to build “Nanchang Green Valley” into an overall brand covering city-wide “three-rural” work. “Nanchang Green Valley” is located in the northwest suburbs of Nanchang, with Xinqizhou exit of Nanchang-Jiujiang Expressway to the east, Shibi exit of Nanchang-Tonggu Expressway to the west, mainly involving 4 counties (districts) and 7 townships (towns, fields) along Nan-An Highway and Wan-Chi Highway, i.e. Xixia Town of Xinjian District, Sanghai No.4 Brand Field of Economic Development Zone, Luoting Town of Wanli District, Changjun Township of Anyi County, Wanbu Town, Changbu Town and Shibi Town. With overall planned area of about 406km2, and length of about 50km, the planned construction area for core area is about 49km2, mainly including state-level Xixia modern agricultural model zone, Shibi modern agricultural model zone and Luoting-Changbu urban modern agricultural leisure and sightseeing corridor.