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Green Food Industry
updated on: 2021-07-02

Green food industry is the first hundred-billion industry of Nanchang City. There are more than 100 food industry enterprises above designated scale in the city, covering such four major secondary industries as agricultural and sideline food processing industry, food manufacturing industry, tobacco manufacturing industry as well as wine, beverage and purified tea manufacturing industry. There are three provincial-level food industries bases in Xiaolan Economic Development Zone, Qingshanhu District and Xinjian Economic Development Zone. There are three leading enterprises with operating income exceeding 10 billion yuan, which are Zhengbang Technology, China Tobacco Jiangxi Industrial LLC, and Twins (Group) Co., Ltd., and a group of key backbone enterprises like Huang Shang Huang, Yihai Jiali (Nanchang) Cereal and Oil Food, COFCO (Jiangxi) Rice Industry, New Born, Sunshine Dairy, and etc., having formed the development pattern taking feed processing industry as main body, tobacco, beverage, dairy products and meal products industries as backbone.