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Electronic Information Industry
updated on: 2021-07-02

In recent years, Nanchang City has attaches the most importance to the electronic information industry for the city-wide industrial development, and has obtained continuous breakthroughs in key parts, the improvement in total quantity and quality, and maintains explosive growth. The quantity of industrial enterprises above designated scale of the electronic information industry increased from 81 enterprises in 2016 to the current 169 enterprises. The Electronic Information Industry (Mobile Intelligent Terminal) Base in High-tech Zone has been successfully approved to be National Demonstration Base for New-type Industrialization, upgraded to state-level. The mobile intelligent terminal industry has formed the industrial chain of liquid lens, camera module, touch screen, mainboard patch, receiver, earphone, chip packaging and parts supporting for complete machine production. LED industry has formed the complete industrial chain the upstream, middlestream and downstream products, many original core technology has reached international advanced level, the silicon substrate blue light LED technology won the first prize for national technological invention, and the silicon substrate yellow light LED electro-optical power conversion takes the lead globally, becoming the brilliant “namecard” of Nanchang’s innovation of electronic information technology.