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Biomedical Industry
updated on: 2021-07-02

There are over 300 medical manufacturers and over 16 thousand operation units in the city with 80 thousand people engaging in the biomedical field. The citywide medical device production accounts for 80% of the aggregate of the province, and its scale in the manufacturing of medical devices for single use is the largest in China. Nanchang City has built two provincial-level major industrial clusters including Xiaolan Biomedicine Industrial Cluster and Jinxian County Medical Devices Industrial Cluster. Nanchang has a batch of leading enterprises with annual sales income exceeding one billion yuan, such as Jemincare, Jiangzhong Group, Hongda Medical, Yikang Medical, and etc., has such two listed companies as Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical and Sanxin Medtec, as well as two listed companies on the new three board such as Biotek and E-insurance, and has formed the industrial agglomeration development pattern of “one core and three areas”, i.e. the core area of Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical Valley of China (Nanchang) TCM Sci-tech Innovation Town, the High-tech Development Zone dominated by developing pharmaceutical headquarters base and marking center, Xiaolan E&T Zone dominated by pharmaceutical production and manufacturing, and industrial agglomeration area of medical devices in Jinxian County dominated by the production and manufacturing of medical devices.