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Modern Agriculture
updated on: 2021-07-02

Nanchang is a national important production base for commodity grain and agricultural and sideline products, has solid industrial foundation, builds 720 thousand mu (480 square kilometers) high-standard farmland, maintains stable production of rice, vegetables and fruits, and the total output of grain exceeds 4.2 billion jin (2.1 million tons) for consecutive 9 years. It has basically formed the characteristic fruit industrial belt represented by “Shiqiao Chunxiang Pomelo” in Jinxian County, “Chunhui Blueberry” and “Xinfu Pear” in Anyi County, and “Jinqiao Grape” in Xinjian District, has built the industrial cluster of special livestock and poultry like waterfowl in Nanchang County, meat pigeon in Jinxian County and Wahui chicken in Anyi County, has formed the industrial cluster of crayfish in Xinjian District and Nanchang County and river crabs in Jinxian County. It has built a batch of influential state-level and provincial-level modern agricultural parks with scale effect like Xixia, Huangma, and etc., and 109 city-level modern agricultural demonstration park. The city has cultivated 131 leading enterprises above provincial level, and has 13 “state-level” leading enterprises like Huang Shang Huang Group, Ldy Supply, and etc. Led by leading enterprises, depended on the advantageous characteristic industries like rice, pigs, waterfowl, aquatic products, vegetables, tea leaves, and etc., Nanchang has established the industrial chain of green food from many links like breeding, seedling, modern planting and breeding, products processing, warehouse logistics, marketing, service supply, and etc.