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Automobiles and New Energy Vehicles Industry
updated on: 2021-07-02

At present, there are over 60 thousand people engaging in auto industry in Nanchang City, having over 200 relevant enterprises, 131 enterprises above designated scale, including 9 enterprises equipped with the manufacturing qualification for complete vehicles and modified cars. The city has formed the capacity of annual output of 580 thousand vehicles, and capacity under construction of 270 thousand, products covering many fields like passenger cars, light trucks, sports cars, saloon cars and special-purpose cars. In terms of industrial layout, it has formed the layout taking Xiaolan Economic Development Zone as core agglomeration area, and expanding to Xinjian District, Nanchang E&T Development Zone, and Qingyunpu District, and has formed relatively completed industrial system taking Jiangling Group and Kama Business Bus as leader and Getrag, Yuancheng Auto Parts, and other key enterprises as supporting. Meanwhile, Nanchang City closely captures the good opportunity of the country promoting new energy vehicles, and actively boosts the rapid development of new energy vehicles industry. Products categories of auto manufacturers in the city cover pure-electric and hybrid-power large and medium buses, pure-electric saloon cars, cargo vans, sanitation vehicles and engineering vans, etc.