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Aviation Equipment Industry
updated on: 2021-07-02

Depending on the two leading enterprises for complete aircrafts, COMAC and Hongdu Aviation, we focus on the chain building, supplementing, extending and strengthening, and the aviation industry appears the tendency of high-quality and rapid development. At present, more than 60 projects have been settled for the aviation industrial chain, including 31 enterprises put into production, with total project investment of about 67 billion yuan, and about 11 thousand employees. Nanchang Aviation Town has been completed the construction of over 10 square kilometers, the Yaohu Airport with 3600m runway has been put into use, Aviation Sci-tech Innovation Building and COMAC Jiangxi Production and Test Flight Center have been completed for delivery, and nine public platforms have been settled down, such as Service Platform of Jiangxi Airworthiness Certification Center, Scientific Research Platform of Beihang Jiangxi Research Institute, and etc., bringing more perfect bearing environment for the aviation industry development. The successful holding of the Flight Conference in consecutive two years has further improved the influence and appeal of Nanchang’s aviation industry.