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New Materials Industry
updated on: 2021-07-02

The new materials industry in Nanchang City has basically formed the iron and steel industry led by Fangda Special Steel, the copper deep processing industry led by Jiangxi Copper Corporation, the aluminum-plastic profile industry led by Jinpeng Aluminum, and the steel structure industry led by Xiongyu Group, in which the domestic market share of spring flat steel, automobile plate spring and free-cutting steel of Fangda Special Steel rank in the first; Jiangxi Copper Yates Foil Inc. has gradually realized mass production of the 10µm super thin copper foil, lead-free halogen-free copper foil, FCCL copper foil, and VLP copper foil, and occupied the domestic market, ranking in the top10 in China; Jiangxi Jiangwu Rare Metal New Material Co., Ltd., as the global second largest manufacturer of bonding NdFeB magnetic powder, takes the lead in product performance and industrialization technology level globally; Anyi County is the second largest aluminum profile production base in China