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Financial Environment
Source:   updated on: 2018-10-15

In recent years, Nanchang City focuses on such three major tasks as serving real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks and deepening financial reform, emphasizes the perfection of financial system, makes total financial volume large, optimizes financial environment, boosts financial innovation, having achieved considerable progress in city-wide financial reform, development and stability.
Perfect Financial Service System  
There are over 400 various kinds of financial institutions by the end of 2017, including 35 banking institutions, 97 business departments of securities companies, 20 business departments of futures companies, 43 insurance companies, 5 assets management companies, 2 financial companies, 2 trust companies, 1 financial leasing company, 3 financing leasing companies, 16 financing guarantee institutions, 43 micro credit companies, 32 on-lending fund companies, 1 private financing registration service institution, having basically formed modern financial organization system.
Total financial volume keeps increasing
The balances of foreign currency and RMB deposit of the city-wide financial institutions broke through thousand-billion, newly-added credit scale kept achieving a historical high, income from insurance premium kept high-speed growth for years; there are 25 companies listed at home and abroad, 48 “new three boards” listing enterprises, and nearly 30 thousand people working in financial institutions.
Obvious in financial industry cluster trend
After years of cultivation, Financial Business District in Honggutan has become the development highland leading the provincial-wide finance, financial organization system, capital and talents rapidly gathered, the first provincial-level internet financial industrial park in China and fund industrial park were established successively, Jiangxi Financial Development Institute was completed successfully, the development pattern of “one district, one yard and two parks” has basically established, having preliminary formed total-factor financial ecological system.
Superposition of favorable policies for finance
Nanchang was successively selected as the second batch of pilot cities for combination of technology and finance in China, the pilot city for national cooperation of industry and finance, the model city of the construction of national social credit system; Ganjiang New District will build experimental area for national green finance reform, the implementation of the policies for “Financial Park Credit” and “Rural-benefiting Credit” will be intensified; the fully propulsion for the pilot work of financial innovation in development zone (parks and zones) will gather powerful motivation for the development of financial industry, and the financial industry in the city will usher new development opportunities.