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Transportation Network
updated on: 2021-07-01

Railway Network

Nanchang is the important railway hub, connects to Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Rail, Nanchang-Ji’an-Ganzhou High-speed Rail and Nanchang-Jiujiang Intercity Rail, and has Shanghai-Kunming, Beijing-Kowloon and Xiangtang-Putian Railways, as well as west ring line of the hub. It has built “one-hour high-speed railway economic circle” with ten district-divided cities in the province, and connects to first-tier cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to form a “米-type” “three-hour economic circle”. The Nanchang East Railway Station under construction will achieve Nanchang’s passenger station layout of three major stations including Nanchang Railway Station, Nanchangxi Railway Station and Nanchang East Railway Station.

Highway Network

Nanchang has 29 highways, with total mileage of 967.75 kilometers, including 6 national highways with a mileage of 285.353 kilometers and 23 provincial highways with a mileage of 682.398 kilometers. Nanchang has 203 bridges, totaling 16845.1 linear meters, including 78 national highway bridges, with 8458.57 linear meters, and 125 provincial highway bridges, with 8386.53 linear meters. The fast transport network in the city has taken its initial shape setting Changdong Avenue, Shengmi Bridge, city high-speed outer ring and Changwan Avenue as key points; highways in municipal districts have also formed a network, taking about half an hour to municipal central towns.

Subway Construction

Nanchang has been approved for the rail transit construction planning for successive three times for four lines, with a total mileage of about 160km and 122 stations. Three lines have been opened, and the phase one project of Subway Line 4 under construction measures a total length of 39.6km, with 29 stations. The extension plan for such three lines as the northward extension and eastward extension of Line 1 and the eastward extension of Line 2 is planned to be commenced for construction in 2021.

Aviation Construction

Nanchang Changbei International Airport is 4E level, only 30-minute drive to downtown. The new airport terminal covers an area of 97 thousand square meters with 45 aircraft stands, able to take off and land with full weight large-scale passenger aircraft like Boeing 747 and etc., meeting the demand of passenger traffic volume of 12 million. Up till now, Nanchang Changbei International Airport has realized 93 navigable cities, has 158 air routes, 49 operating airlines, 4 base companies, and accumulatively 15 international regional routes. In 2020, Nanchang Changbei International Airport completed passenger throughout of 9426 thousand passengers, ranking in the 28th place among national major airports; completed cargo throughout of 182 thousand tons, with a year-on-year growth of 48.7%; the growth ranked in the first among the airports in Central China and the second among national airports. In which, the international cargo throughout achieved 77 thousand tons, with a year-on-year growth of 296.9%.

Water Transportation

Nanchang Port is located in the lower reach of Ganjiang River, and is the intersection of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Southeast Fujian Delta. It is connected to Fuhe River, Xinjiang River, Raohe River and Xiuhe River as well as Poyang Lake, entering Yangtze River via Hukou, and is one of 28 major inland ports in China, also an integral part of Nanchang’s comprehensive transportation hub. In 2020, Nanchang Port completed cargo throughout of 48657.7 thousand tons, with a year-on-year growth of 27.16%. At present, there are 30 water transport enterprises in Nanchang, including 28 enterprises engaging in the transportation of general goods, one enterprise engaging in the transportation of liquid dangerous goods, and one enterprise engaging in in-province passenger transport.

Sea-Railway Transportation

Nanchang now has international container sea-railway transportation trains to Shenzhen (Hong Kong), Xiamen, Ningbo and Fuzhou, and the above trains enjoy 15%-50% discount for freight offered by railway department. In 2020, Nanchang sea-railway transportation completed 38820 TEUs for foreign trade import and export, increasing 53.8% year on year.

China-Europe Freight Train

The international freight train from Nanchang (Henggang Station) to Moscow was firstly opened in 2018, and was officially made regular afterwards. Up to 2020, Nanchang City has China-Europe freight trains to Moscow, Minsk, Mara, and Paris, and 127 trains were opened annually, and the import and export value of foreign trade exceeded 300 million dollars.