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Investment Guarantee
Source:   updated on: 2018-10-15

Efficient Open Economic Service System
In order to promote open economic work in order, Nanchang City set up open economic service system from top to bottom formed by firm guidance level, efficient and professional executive level, institutions are set up as follows:
Municipal Opening-up Leading Team: Municipal Party Secretary acts as team leader, mayor acts as the first deputy team leader, other members of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor in charge of tertiary industry act as deputy team leaders, Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Bureau of Finance, Municipal Land and Resources Bureau and other departments directly under city government act as member units. As the highest leading institution of open economic work of the city, the team is responsible for the decision of significant events.
Coordinating and Advancing Team of Municipal Industry Development (abbreviated as Municipal “Industry Five-person Team”): Mayor acts as team leader, members including executive deputy mayor, member of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee in charge of open economy and two deputy mayor in charge. The main responsibility of which is to guide as a whole the major industry development in the city, study and decide the important work and decisions of major industry development of the city applied for discussion by municipal opening office and the solutions and operation approaches on major problems of industrial development, coordinating to solve the difficulties and problems occurred in the promotion of major industry projects.
Municipal Opening Leading Team Office: executive deputy mayor concurrently acts as office director. It is a daily institution of open economic work of the city, also in charge of the office work of municipal “industry five-person team” and the daily jobs of investment guidance fund Administration  Committee office for major industries, undertaking the major decisions, operation management and major project problem coordination of open economic work of the city according to the rights and liabilities granted by municipal Party committee and municipal government; supervising the implementation of matters decided by conference of municipal “industry five-person team”.  
Convenient Approval Licensing Guarantee
Nanchang Municipal Administrative Service Center formulates a series of systems to guarantee efficient and convenient licensing:
Chief Representative System: all the settled-in departments take the chief of Administrative Approval Service Division as the chief representative of the division to be dispatched to center window.
Administrative Entrustment System: all the settled-in departments fully authorize center windows, and chief representatives are conferred with “Administrative Power of Attorney” by dispatching departments, submitted to Administration  Committee of the center for filing.
Open Government Affairs System: subject, basis, conditions and charging basis for handling items in the center must be published in various forms, like website, electronic touch screen, guide, and etc., accepting social supervision.
Same-post Substitution System: workers in the window fail to come to the position due to on-the-spot investigation, conference, business trip, casual leave or other reasons, B-position workers shall perform the job responsibilities.
First Inquiry Accountability System: The first person accepting the demand of service object is the chief responsible person who shall immediately handle the matters within the scope of window responsibilities; as for those out of the scope, the person shall guide service object to relevant business window for handling.
One-time Informing System: when service objects come to municipal administrative service center to consult or handle administrative approval matters, window employee should, one-time and in full, accurately tell the objects all the contends needing knowing, and inform that whether the applied matter can be handled, whether the materials are complete, whether equipped with relevant conditions in one time, and state the reason for not handling temporarily.
Service Commitment System: each window, according to the requirement of work functions, makes public commitment to the society and public in aspects of contents, procedures, service quality and other relevant specific matters of administrative service, accepting the supervision of society and undertaking the responsibility for breaking the commitment.
Denying Matter Filing System: matters considered by workers in the window to be unable to be handled according to law while handling administrative approval, registration filing is required, and request for instructions shall be conducted level by level according to business management authority; the service object shall be informed of reason and basis in written form after determining to be unable to be handled, and the applicant shall be informed of enjoying the rights of applying for administrative review or administrative lawsuit.
System of Accomplishing within Deadline: when workers in the window handle administrative approval matters, besides those to be completed on site, it shall be completed within the publically promised time limit.
Parallel Approval System: parallel approval shall be conducted for the same approval items involving in two or more than two departments. Parallel approval shall be organized by the Administration  Committee of the center, determining major window and assisted window, carrying out “unified acceptance, recording and notifying relevant matters, centralized survey, synchronous approval and completing within time limit”.
“Green Channel” Service System: the Administration  Committee of the center is in charge of organizing and coordinating relevant windows opening “green channel” for major industries and project approval, carrying out unified acceptance, rapid transfer and joint handling. Implementing “green channel” project approval; time limit upon approval is half shortened than the promised at least.
Reservation Service Method System for Non National Statutory Working Days: the service items include all the administrative approval items accepted and handled by Municipal Administrative Service Center. After receiving the reservation service application on working days, the window will offer the reply immediately. In terms of consent to the application for reservation service, the service time will be notified to service object, stating relevant data required by law; in terms of refusal to the reservation service, reasons shall be stated to service object upon the consent by approval guidance guarantee center for municipal construction engineering projects.
Complaint Accountability System: window workers complained by the mass or causing infringement on the benefits of the nation, the collective and people even resulting in losses due to not responsible for, not implementing or not correctly implementing self job duties will be investigated administrative and economic responsibility.
Impartial Complaint Service Guarantee
In order to optimize the investment environment in Nanchang, practically safeguard the lawful rights and interests of investors, and help enterprises solve difficulties and problems, Nanchang Investment Promotion Bureau specially establishes investment service office, according to Interim Measure of Ministry of Commerce on Complaint Work from Foreign Invested Enterprises and Nanchang Municipal Regulations on Optimizing Investment Environment, dealing with complaints from foreign invested enterprises, helping solve foreign invested enterprises’ and investors’ problems in investment development.
Complaint Processing Principles: in conformity with the principles of fairness, justice and legitimacy, according to relevant laws and regulations, based on facts, taking laws as criterion.
Complaint Service Hotline: 12345