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Human Resources
updated on: 2019-07-23

Reserve of Talents

Nanchang is the technological, educational, cultural and talent center of Jiangxi Province, possessing many institutions of higher learning including Nanchang University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, etc. In recent years, the talent development environment in Nanchang City keeps optimizing and improving, having gradually established relatively perfect talent work system mechanism corresponding to socialist market economy. Currently, it owns the 10th state-level human resources service industrial park in China—China Nanchang Human Resources Service Industrial Park; there are 23 postdoctoral scientific research work stations and 12 postdoctoral innovative practice bases set up in Nanchang, and 10 “Work Stations for Nanchang City Bringing in Overseas Talents” and “Jiangxi Nanchang Pioneer Park for Personnel Studying Abroad” are established. Nanchang City carries out “Hongcheng Plan”, “Hongcheng Seagull Plan” and “the plan of Hongcheng Specially-hired Experts”, having hired 89 experts equipped with domestic and foreign leading level from home and abroad. It has achieved increasingly expanding talent teams, remarkable wisdom-introducing effect and optimizing talent structure. Up to 2018, there are 1,437,700 talents in the city, including 460,300 professional technical talents in the city, 635 thousand skilled talents, 99 people enjoying special allowance from the State Council; 49 people enjoying special allowance from provincial government; 69 Jiangxi “hundreds of thousands” project talents; 89 “Hongcheng specially-hired experts”, 146 “Hongcheng plan” entrepreneurial talents, and 193 people enjoying special allowance from municipal government in the city.