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Investment Guarantee
updated on: 2021-07-01

Approval System

Administrative Approval Bureau of Nanchang City has formulated a series of systems to guarantee the efficient and convenient approval:

First Inquiry Accountability System: When the service object consults the policies and regulations and handles the approval service matters at the Approval Service Hall of the Administrative Approval Bureau of Nanchang City, the first staff accepting the inquiry should offer warm service, correctly answer the needed consultation and service, and the first staff accepting the inquiry shall be the responsible person for handling, answering, transferring or guiding.

One-time Notification System: When the service object consults or handles the approval service matters at the Hall, the staff shall inform the service object of all the contents to be known in a comprehensive and accurate way, notify the service object whether the application could be handled, whether the materials needed are completed, whether the conditions are satisfied, and relevant requirements, and explain the system for the resaon of not accepting and handling to the service object.

“Green Channel” System: For “special matter” or “urgent matter” in the application of approval service, on the basis of normal service promise, relevant authorities shall further provide the specific object with more convenient, rapid and efficient service channel and form by means of accelerating approval time, carrying out online pre-approval, lacking-tolerance acceptance, preferential handling, simplifying approval procedures, boosting parallel examination and approval, and etc.

Service Guiding and Assisting System: The information desk is set up at the 1F lobby of Municipal Administrative Approval Bureau as the “convenient service window for reception, consultation, guidance and assistance”. Guiding and assisting staff are arranged for the information desk on 1F to provide enterprises and masses with convenient service like consultation guidance and assistance.

Deferred Service System: 1. The staff shall be off duty only after completing the approval for the enterprises and masses on working days; 2. at 12:00-13:30 on workdays, personnel on duty will be arranged to provide normal service to enterprises and masses.

Appointment Service: Mode of Appointment: 1. On-site appointment at the information desk (1F Lobby of Municipal Administrative Approval Bureau located at No.1318 Fenghe Middle Avenue) on workdays; 2. Telephone appointment at 0791-83987518 on workdays.

Complaint Channel

In order to optimize the investment environment in Nanchang, practically safeguard the lawful rights and interests of investors, according to the Measures on the Complaint Work for Foreign Invested Enterprises of Ministry of Commerce (2020 No.3 Decree) and the Measures of Jiangxi Province on the Complaint Work for Foreign Invested Enterprises, Investment Service Section of Nanchang Investment Promotion Bureau is responsible for accepting the complaints of foreign invested enterprises, and helping solve investors’ problems in the investment development.

Complaint Processing Principles: The complaints will be accepted according to the department level in the principles of fairness, justice and legitimacy.

Complaint Service Hotline: 0791-83884136

Social Governance

Nanchang City maintains the overall situation of social stability, the modernization system of social governance in the municipal area is increasingly perfect, the construction of a safe Nanchang and the rule of law in Nanchang is further promoted, the rights and interests of the people are effectively guaranteed, and the achievements of civilization are shared by all the people in the joint construction.

In order to deeply carry out new development philosophies and further demonstrate the undertaking as a provincial capital city, Nanchang Municipal Government strives for building “4+4+X” new type industrial system, i.e. four major strategic emerging pillar industries (automobiles and new energy vehicles, electronic information, biomedicine and aviation equipment), four major characteristic advantageous traditional industries (green food, modern knitwear and textile, new materials, mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing) and several producer services.