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Internatioanl Market Convergence
updated on: 2019-07-23

Stable Development of Foreign Investment

In 2018, there are 53 newly-approved foreign-funded enterprises, and contractual foreign investment of 1001 million dollars, foreign fund actually used of 4582 million dollars, increasing 18.57% year on year, including spot exchange investment occupies 955 million dollars, industrial projects investment occupies 2546 million dollars and accounts for 55.57%. Currently, enterprises investing in our city are mainly American Ford, Wal-Mart, Visteon, Pepsi, Coca-Cola; Japanese Hitachi, Isuzu; German Metro, Siemens; French Faurecia, Carrefour, Swiss ABB, and etc.

Strong Increase of Foreign Trade

In 2018, total import and export value of Nanchang City reaches 78.755 billion dollars, including 45.167 billion dollars for export, increasing 6.19% year one year, and 33.588 billion dollars for import, increasing 39.44% year on year. Meanwhile, enterprises further accelerate their steps for expanding international market. Trading countries and regions are developed from the original Asian, North American and European Markets to 213 countries and regions covering the world including South American, African, Pacific Region and the countries along “the Belt and Road”.

Accelerating Foreign Economic Cooperation

Under the complicated international and domestic economic situations, foreign economic enterprises in Nanchang City accelerate their pace of “stepping out”, with rapid foreign investment development. In 2018, there are 35 newly-approved overseas investment enterprises, contracted foreign investment of China party reaching 213 million dollars; completing turnover of 761 million dollars of foreign contracted projects, achieving year-on-year growth of 78.28%, 71 laborers dispatched and 313 laborers overseas at the end of the year.