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Finance Bureau of Nanchang City
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the national financial and taxation guidelines, policies and other relevant policies; formulate the city’s financial legislation planning; draw out regulation drafts, implementation measures and rules and regulations on local finance, taxation, financial affairs and accounting management; participate in the formulation of regulation drafts, implementation measures, rules and regulations on state-owned assets management. 
   (II) Take part in the formulation of the city’s relevant macroeconomic policies; raise suggestions of utilizing fiscal policies to implement macroeconomic control and to comprehensively balance social financial power; study the city’s fiscal development strategies; draw out and implement the city’s financial allocation policies; formulate the city’s mid- and long-term financial planning; give guidance to the city’s financial work.
   (III) Formulate the city’s own annual budget draft and compile the city’s annual budget; organize the implementation of the city’s and the city’s own budget; formulate the city’s own final accounts draft and compile the city’s final accounts draft; entrusted by the Municipal Government, report the city’s and the city’s own budget and their implementation to the Municipal People’s Congress, and the city’s own final accounts to the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress.
   (IV) Carry out the state taxation laws and regulations; organize and implement local taxation laws and tax regulations, decisions and provisions, and relevant implementation rules; study and propose local tax legislation planning in company with the departments concerned; manage the city’s local tax relief in accordance with administration authorization.  
   (V) Administer and supervise the fiscal revenues; supervise the payment of proceeds from state-owned assets; organize the collection and administration of the city’s agricultural tax, tax on agricultural specialty products, farm land occupation tax and deed tax.
   (VI) Organize and implement the Financial Rules of Governmental Units and the Financial Rules of Public Institutions; formulate the city’s financial management system, expense standard and quota concerning public expenditures; manage the city’s public expenditures; propose policies and suggestions on public expenditure structure optimization; manage the city’s non-trade foreign exchange payment of administrative institutions and social organizations; supervise and administer the city’s government procurement work.
(VII) Draw out, organize and implement financial management system on social security funds; organize and implement financial supervision over the use of the city’s social security funds; manage the city’s own financial expenditures on social security.
(VIII) Manage the city’s project approval and standards concerning government funds, state-owned asset operation proceeds, administrative fees and other non-tax revenue items; uniformly administer the city’s own extra-budgetary funds and special financial accounts; supervise bank accounts of the city’s own administrative institutions; manage national debt funds; formulate and implement national debt service fund plans; administer and supervise the issuance of lottery tickets.
   (IX) Organize and implement General Rules on Enterprise Finance; administer, guide and supervise financial affairs of enterprises of all kinds and trades in the whole city; take charge of financial supervision over local financial institutions; be responsible for relevant work of organ and public institution state-owned asset management.
   (X) Manage the city’s accounting work; carry out accounting statutes, rules and regulations; guide and manage social auditing work; take charge of the city’s accountant designation pilot work.
   (XI) Participate in the study of relevant policies on the city’s utilization of foreign capital; manage relevant business of loan projects by foreign governments and international financial organizations in Nanchang.
   (XII) Supervise the city’s enforcement of financial and taxation guidelines, policies, laws and regulations; propose policies and suggestions on strengthening financial management; organize and implement inspection of the city’s financial and economic supervision; investigate and handle major cases violating financial and economic disciplines.
   (XIII) Formulate the city’s scientific research and education planning on finance; organize and administer the training of the city’s financial professionals; work on financial the city’s information and publicity.
   (XIV) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: 16F~18F, Block B, Honggu Building, Honggutan New District
Post code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 83986379