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Nanchang Municipal Industry and Information Technology Commission
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Monitor and analyze the operation situation of the city’s industrial economy, regulate the normal operation of the industrial economy; draft the regulation goals, policies and measures of the recent industrial economy and arrange the implementation; manage to solve the major issues in relation with the industrial economy operation.
   (II) Formulate plans for the industrial development and allocation of the city and arrange the implementation, carry out the national industrial policies and supervise the implementation; guide the industry restructuring and upgrading of the city, coordinate to solve the problems in the industrial and business development.
   (III) Organize, draft and implement the comprehensive industrial economic regulations and polices, supervise and inspect the implementation of the economic laws; collect, arrange, analyze and issue economic information; participate in coordinating the policy-based issues related to the finance, banking, taxation and statistics in the industrial economy.
   (IV) Implement trade management over industries of the city, study the industrial development strategies, plans, policies and regulations; participate in the management of the trade association, industry self-disciplinary institutions and the related public organizations including the associations of comprehensive resource utilization, power industry, energy, energy-saving and enterprisers as well as Nanchang Enterprisers Club; examine and verify the product manufacture licensing issues; manage and use the special funds for the manufacturing development.
   (V) Push forward the technological upgrading of enterprises, study and propose related policies to encourage enterprise technological upgrading; guide the technological upgrading investment direction; file, examine and approve the technological upgrading investment projects of the city and confirm the projects requiring the state preferential policy.
   (VI) Organize and push forward the city’s enterprise technological innovation and cooperation of industry, academe and research institutes; according to the national industrial policies, formulate plans, policies and measures for the enterprise technological innovation, industrial technological progress, new technology diffusion and imported technology absorption, put forward and implement the related project plans; set up enterprise technological centers and develop new products; guide the informationization of traditional industries.
   (VII) Organize, draft and coordinate export-import policies for the manufacturing enterprises, guide the manufacturing enterprises to expand their foreign export, carry on international operation and overseas investment, guide enterprises to make efficient use of foreign investment; coordinate issues in relation with external economy; together with related departments, formulate and implement export-import plans for important industrial products and raw materials.
   (VIII) Arrange the city’s enterprise economic unity and cooperation; organize and implement issues in relation with market open-up, occupation and control as well as specialization and cooperation supports; organize and carry on the evaluation, popularization and promotion of the “Famous-brand Products” among enterprises; supervise the pawning industry; rectify and standardize the order of market economy; reduce the burden on enterprises.
   (IX) Study and draft policies and measures to assist the key enterprises; supervise and inspect the implementation of policies on the key enterprises assist; coordinate to solve problems and difficulties of the key enterprises development; accept complains from the key enterprises on the issues of economic development environment, coordinate with related departments to improve the production and operation environment of the key enterprises, and protect the legal production and operating activities of the key enterprises.
   (X) Organize and set up early warning system of the industry injury in the city, organize and coordinate the industry injury investigation, verification and lawsuit of legal cases such as anti-dumping and anti-subsidy, etc.; arrange the related legal consultation and administrative reexamination; guide the internal legal consultation of enterprises.
   (XI) Manage energy control of power, coal and oil, etc. as well as energy conservation of the city; participate in the related management over major construction projects such as energy and raw materials, etc.; organize the intervention schedule and integrated transportation coordination of important materials, and strike a comprehensive balance of the energy products like coal of the city.
   (XII) Study and draft the structure, layout, plans and related polices of the power industry; coordinate power facilities construction in the city; take charge of the power administration, implement and supervise the power administrative law enforcement.
   (XIII) Formulate regulations and policies on resource conservation, synthetic utilization and renewable resources recycling for enterprises, undertake resource conservation and synthetic utilization; organize and coordinate development of the cleaner production, industrial environment protection and environmental protection industry; popularize application of the new wall materials, bulk cement and pre-mixed concrete and handle the related management.
   (XIV) Formulate plans and schedules for the enterprise operation and management staff training and give necessary guidance to the training work; coordinate with related departments to guide talent introduction.
   (XV) Formulate annual objectives of the industrial economy development of the city, break down the objectives for assessment; check and confirm the industrial parks of the city.
   (XVI) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
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