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Education Bureau of Nanchang City
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions
   (I) Carry out education policies of the Communist Party of China and the state education laws and regulations; draft the local education laws and regulations; study the major issues on the local education reform and development; synthetically guide and coordinate education management work of the counties and districts.
   (II) Study and propose strategies for local education reform and development; formulate local education development plans; draft the developing focus, structure, scale, speed and steps for the local education; guide, coordinate and inspect the implementation; make statistics and analysis on the local education information.
   (III) Make overall plans and give coordinating guidance for the local education system, straighten out relationship between the internal and external education, and set up an education system and operation mechanism in accordance with the socialist market economy system.
   (IV) Perform integrated management over the municipal education budget; participate in drafting policies and plans for education expenditure raising, education fund appropriation and education infrastructure investment; supervise and assess education expenditure raising and application administration; guide and coordinate infrastructure construction work of the education administrative departments of the counties and districts; according to the related regulations, administer education assistance and loans to the city from abroad, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan as well as various education funding transferred to the city from the state and the province.
   (V) Perform integrated management over the pre-school, basic, elementary and secondary vocational, adult, higher, special and other forms of education in the city. Organize the implementation of the setting standards of the state for the elementary and secondary schools, formulate basic education requirements and documents; make overall plans for the layout adjustment of the middle and primary schools in the city; compile local textbooks; guide the education and teaching reforms at and below secondary level educations; supervise and assess the nine-year compulsory education popularization, illiteracy among young and middle-aged people elimination and senior secondary school education development.
   (VI) Formulate local regulations of the nongovernmental sectors run schools in the city; review and approve the secondary level and non-academic educational institutions operated by nongovernmental sectors; plan, guide, manage, supervise, inspect and assess the nongovernmental sectors run schools of the city.
   (VII) Administer the teachers’ works of all forms of schools at all levels; check and manage the system of qualifying for teachers, manage the appraisal and hiring for professional and technical positions for teachers and the commendation reward in the education system.
   (VIII) Perform integrated management over the degree education of the basic, elementary and secondary vocational schools in the city; administer the students’ enrollment status in the degree education of regular junior middle schools and secondary vocational schools.
   (IX) Take charge of the CPC Party-mass work of the affiliated institutions and nongovernmental sectors run schools administered by the municipal government; guide the ideological and political education, moral education, sports hygiene and art education, safety education and national defense education of all forms of schools at all levels in the city.
   (X) Assist the People’s Congress at the same level, the educational supervision department, the administrative inspection and audit institute in educational legislation, law enforcement, central guidance; service, supervise and inspect the educational law enforcement; take charge of  the education of the people’s government at lower level; supervise, inspect, assess and guide the work of lower level education administrative departments and schools; assist the judicial and police departments and judicial and prosecuting authorities in solving the education issues and maintaining the legitimate interest of subjects of the educational legal relation.
   (XI) Centrally administer the entrance examinations of the regular higher education, postgraduate education, higher vocational education, adult higher education and adult self-study higher education examination; together with other related departments, reform and guide universities, colleges, junior colleges and special secondary schools graduates to select jobs for themselves.
   (XII) Take charge of the educational science study and teaching study of the city; coordinate and guide issues in relation with the educational organizations of the city; take charge of education system informationization of the city; perform integrated management over the modern distance education of the city.
   (XIII) Perform integrated management over the city’s language affairs; carry out the state laws, regulations, principles and policies on language affairs; formulate medium-and long-term plans for the city’s language affairs; guide the mandarin popularization and undertake mandarin testing.
   (XIV) Perform integrated management and give coordinating guidance to foreign affairs of the education system of the city; arrange the education communication and cooperation between all forms of schools at all levels in the city and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan; take charge of the security and safety work of the city’s education system.
(XV) Undertake other duties assigned by the higher education administrative departments and the Municipal Science and Technology Education Leading Group.
   (XVI) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.
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