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Science and Technology Bureau of Nanchang City
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out relevant science and technology (S&T) guidelines, policies and regulations of the State and province; study and draft policies and measures on the city’s S&T development and S&T promotion to economic and social development; study and determine the significant layout and priority area of the city’s S&T development; take charge of the technology innovation of the city’s technology-based SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), promote the city’s S&T innovation system construction, improve the city’s S&T innovation capability; cultivate technology-based SMEs.
   (II) Organize and formulate the city’s mid- and long-term planning and annual plans on S&T development; administer centrally and guide the city’s S&T system reform; guide the S&T system reform of department, county and district.
   (III) Study measures on multi-channel increase of S&T input, optimize S&T resource allocation; administer centrally budgeting and final accounting of relevant expenses, such as science operating expenses, three-item expenditures on S&T activities and S&T innovation funds, etc.
   (IV) Study and formulate policies and measures on strengthening of basic research and high-tech development; formulate, organize and implement the significant basic research plans, the high-tech research and development plans, the programs for tackling key problems in S&T, the S&T innovation projects and the social development plans.
   (V) Strengthen the development and promotion of high-tech industrialization and applied technology; guide the city’s commercialization of the research findings; organize the city’s implementation of S&T plans, such as the Torch Plans, the Spark Plans, the Achievement Spreading Plans, the Key Product Plans and the technology-based SME technology innovation, etc.  
   (VI) Suggest on the formulation of local S&T laws and regulations and organize their implementation; administer centrally the city’s S&T achievements, awards, confidentiality and statistical analysis, technology market and intellectual property protection related to S&T, etc; guide the development of S&T tertiary industry; promote the development of social intermediaries, such as S&T consultation and bid invitation assessment, and S&T system construction; formulate S&T popularization work planning, promote science popularization development.
   (VII) Administer centrally the city’s private S&T work.
   (VIII) Carry out guidelines and policies on foreign cooperation and exchanges of S&T; study and formulate the city’s plans on international cooperation and exchanges of S&T; take charge of the government’s bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchanges of S&T, and that among international organizations concerned; take charge of the coordination and service on the  cooperation between the ministries in Nanchang, the provincial universities, the scientific research institutions and the local S&T.
   (IX) Coordinate with relevant departments to study rational allocation of the city’s S&T talent resources, suggest on relevant policies to promote the full play of S&T talents; take part in S&T talents management and the selection and cultivation of academic and technical leaders in the field of natural science.
   (X) Guide and coordinate the S&T work of the city’s direct departments, counties and districts, promote the advancement of industrial S&T.
   (XI) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal party committee and government.
Address: 4F, Municipal Government Building, Honggutan New District
Post code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 83884236