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Nanchang City Development and Reform Commission
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Study and propose the city’s economic, social and urban development strategies; organize and formulate the mid-and long-term plans and annual plans for the city’s economic and social development; guide the counties and municipal development districts to work out the economic and social development plans; combine and make a balance of the major industries plans, the regional plans and the overall urban plans, as well as centrally administer operations of the key special plans making; arrange the sector planning, regulations and economic and technological policies of the economy and trade; integrate and coordinate key polices on the economic, social and urban reform and development; organize and coordinate the related matters to obtain supports on the key polices, projects and funds from the state and the province.
   (II) Strike a balance of important economic aggregate such as the total social demand and supply, etc., optimize the significant economic patterns, push forward the industrialization, urbanization, informationization, industrial modernization and urban sustainable development, study and coordinate important matters related to agricultural and rural economic and social development; draft, organize and implement the industrial policies, coordinate and make development balance among various industries; study and draft plans for allocation of productive force and give opinions on important industrial allocation adjustments; organize and coordinate the economic development of the city, counties and industrial parks as well as the urban sustainable development.
   (III) Track, predict and early warn the city’s economic operation and propose policy adjustment recommendations in a timely fashion; integrate and coordinate levels of finance, credit, land, investment, price and industrial policies, promote the realization of all important economic and social development goals by the economic resources and means directly held by the municipal government.
   (IV) Arrange and coordinate the study and proof of the plans for the major economic system reforms, guide and push forward the overall economic reform; arrange the urban stockholding system reforms and the routine work of the Capital Issue Joint Review Group.
(V) Propose local plans for the overall scale of investment in fixed assets for the whole society and investment structures, arrange municipal government funding for construction, put into practice of the state and provincial funding for construction; manage well the basic constriction projects according to the administrative licensing items; plan and arrange, supervise and manage, coordinate and serve the city’s significant and key construction projects and practical works for the people, overall arrange the related fiscal construction funding and prior-period funds of the projects; guide and coordinate bid invitation and tendering in the city; manage and coordinate the municipal key projects construction, organize and manage the special inspectors for the key projects.
   (VI) Participate in balancing the overall social funds, including the non-taxable income, study and work out the development strategy of the capital market, and organize its implementation, organize the study and draft of the financing plans for the major projects invested by the government; coordinate the contribution to the urban financial development from the local government; together with related departments, put forward the total loan quantity of the policy banks, the commercial bank loans and the total investment on the fixed assets of the direct finance; study the local financial reform and development, coordinate the reform and development of local non-banking financial institutions; examine, report and supervise the corporate bond issue.
   (VII) Study and propose the development strategy for the foreign investment utilization and overseas investment of the city, participate in organizing the city’s investment attraction and invitation, monitor and control the total size of the foreign liabilities and optimize their mix; guide and supervise the utilization of the foreign liabilities for construction and the use of the policy-oriented loans, guide the direction of the non-governmental capital investment, make overall coordination for the regional economic cooperation.
   (VIII) Make overall coordination for the service industry (the tertiary-industry) development of the city, organize and formulate the related policies and market access conditions, arrange significant and major projects, propose the strategies and plans for the newly developed service industry such as modern logistics and arrange the implementation; analyze and predict the international and domestic market supply and demand, study and propose the development strategy for the city’s international and domestic trade; make a good overall balance of the important supplies and commodities supply and demand, together with related departments, put forward the maintenance of the municipal grain and materials reserve, make use of the plans to guide and adjust market; push forward the social credit system construction.
   (IX) Strike a balance between economic and social development on the one hand and social undertakings on the other, such as family planning, science and technology, education, culture and public health, sports, radiated television, labor and social security, push forward the industrialization of the significant scientific and technical payoffs; study and coordinate policies and key issues in the development of municipal social undertakings, push forward the development of the social undertaking industries.
   (X) Pre-design and review the basic construction projects of the city, review the preliminary plans of the construction projects above the report limitation; supervise and manage the final acceptance of the state, provincial and municipal significant and major constructions; participate in the rated management, investigation, design of the construction projects within Nanchang area and the trade management of the consulting entities, participate in the joint approval of the municipal planned constructions; review the normal budget of the fiscal investment projects.
   (XI) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.
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