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Natural Resources Bureau of Nanchang City
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the national and the provincial laws, regulations and policies concerning land and resources administration; study, draft, organize and implement local rules and regulations on geological environment administration and natural resources like land and mineral resources; draft relevant policies and provisions on management, protection and rational utilization of geological environment and natural resources, such as land resources and mineral resources; organize the formulation of technical standards, rules, specifications and measures of geological and cadastral survey and natural resources like land resources and mineral resources.
   (II) Organize, formulate and implement the city’s land planning, overall planning of land use and other special planning; participate in formulation of urban overall planning; guide and approve overall planning of land use and other special planning at county and village (township) levels; preview land for construction projects; participate in feasibility study, site selection and location fixation of construction projects; organize investigation and evaluation of the city’s mineral resources; organize, formulate and implement overall planning of the city’s mineral resources, geological environment planning and other special planning; take part in the audit of urban overall planning submitted for approval of people’s government above municipal level.
   (III) Supervise and check enforcement of laws and regulations and planning on land and mineral resources; inspect land and mineral resources law enforcement; protect legal rights of owners and users of land and mineral resources in accordance with law; organize the mediation of major disputes over land ownership; investigate and handle illegal cases.
   (IV) Draft and implement special protection and development encouragement policies on cultivated land; implement farmland use control; organize basic farmland protection; organize and guide the development, arrangement and reclamation of unused land; take charge of the city’s cultivated land balance between occupying and compensation; guarantee total amount of cultivated land shall not be reduced; collect, arrange, supervise and check the use of special funds for land and resources work; be responsible for intensive land supply; undertake first review and report for approval of farmland purpose changing.
   (V) Uniformly administer the city’s land and resources, land registration and cadastre work; take charge of investigation, statistics, decisions on ownership, registration and license issuance of the city’s land and resources; be responsible for the city’s land grading; regularly organize land grade adjustment; exercise technical regulations on cadastral management; organize and implement cadastral survey; establish and perfect statistical investigation and evaluation system and dynamic monitoring system for land and resources.
   (VI) organize, formulate and implement the city’s land valuation standards in company with the departments concerned; organize evaluation of the city’s benchmark land price and marked price; give guidance to evaluation of benchmark land price and marked price at county and township levels; evaluate and approve the government’s land transferring price and upset price.
   (VII) Undertake review and report for construction land approved by the people’s government above municipal level; take charge of the city’s land market; administer land-use right allocation, transfer, tenancy, according to laws; appraised value investment; entrusted operation, assignment and government acquisition; supervise and administer secondary land market in accordance with laws; organize and undertake disposal of land assets in enterprise reorganization, system reform, consolidation, bankruptcy and floatation of shares; undertake relevant work of implementation of property management of land and resources; organize and implement management on land revenue collection; prevent loss of land assets; take charge of ownership management and supervision and inspection during land use right transfer, tenancy and mortgage; take charge of bid invitation, auction and listing of state-owned land use right and collective “four-waste” land use right; formulate management measures on land at township and village levels; be responsible for circulation management of rural collective non-farm land use right.
   (VIII) Protect and manage mineral resources in accordance with laws; be in charge of approval, registration and license issuance of mining right transfer and assignment of mineral resources; designate mining areas; cultivate and standardize the city’s mining right market; take charge of annual survey of mine enterprises; collect and administer compensation fee and mining right use fee of mineral resources in accordance with laws; undertake review and approval of mining right transfer; uniformly manage mineral resources reserves; manage junction of geological resources; take charge of registration, statistics and management of mineral resources reserves; participate in feasibility study and approval of mine construction project.
   (IX) Supervise and administer prospecting, development, protection and rational utilization of mineral resources; implement industry management for geological prospecting according to laws; approve the city’s geological prospecting project establishment; protect geological prospecting results; protect, supervise and govern mine ecological environment; organize investigation, appraisal, monitoring and prevention of geological disasters; protect geological environment and geological heritage; draw out development planning for geological heritage protection; give guidance to appraisal on the city’s hydrological geology, engineering geology and environment geological prospecting; be in charge of first review of risk assessment of geological disasters of construction land; participate in geological environment study of construction projects.
   (X) Take charge of the city’s scientific technology and publicity education, foreign exchange and cooperation on land and resources; develop and construct land and resources information system.
   (XI) Take charge of organization mechanism and personnel management of bureau organ and affiliated institutions; be responsible for overseas review work of personnel of this bureau; organize and guide the education and training of the city’s land and resources cadres; give guidance to team construction of the city’s land and resources system.
   (XII) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: 11F-13F, Block A, Honggu Building, Nanchang City
Post Code: 330038
Public Supervision Hotline: 83987123(83987133)
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