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Nanchang City Transportation Bureau
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the national development strategies, principles, policies, laws and regulations related to the transportation industry; study and formulate the development planning and plans for the city’s transportation development in accordance with our economic and social development requirements, and organize their implementation; implement the statistics and the information leading of the transportation industry.
   (II) Participate in the national and the provincial key transportation constructions within the city, and organize their coordination; take charge of planning, construction, maintenance and management of the city’s transportation infrastructure; supervise the city’s transportation construction quality and manage its quotas; deal with the industrial management on the coastline layout utilization within the harbor; supervise the safety production management of the city’s highway and waterway transportation.
   (III) Take charge of the industrial management on the city’s road passenger transportation, the waterway passenger transportation, the freight transportation, the loading and moving, the vehicle and ship maintenance, the car rental, the transportation service, the integrative performance inspection of the vehicles, the driving school as well as the driver training; organize to implement the priority materials transportation and the emergency transportation.
   (IV) Manage the city’s road and waterway administration, the highway administration and the toll collection; organize, coordinate or participate in the capital raising and supervision of the transportation construction; guide the internal auditing of the transportation industry; introduce foreign capitals and strengthen the international cooperation for the city’s transportation industry.
   (V) Guide the system reform for the city’s transportation industry; maintain the fair competition rules of the highway and waterway transportation industries; guide to optimize the structure of the transportation industry and coordinates its development.
   (VI) Implement the administrative law enforcement of the city’s transportation industry; study and formulate the local rules, regulations and detailed provisions based on the relevant transportation laws, regulations and rules promulgated by the national and the provincial governments, and organize their implementation with approval; control and operate the transportation by laws, and review and supervise its enforcement.
   (VII) Guide the technical standard management on the city’s highway, waterway as well as the vehicles and ships; organize the important scientific and technical development and project research, so as to promote the achievements of the industry; guide the cultural and ideological progress as well as the education and training of the transportation industry.
   (VIII) Undertake the routine works of the Transportation Preparation Office of the National Defense Mobilization Commission in Nanchang City.
   (IX) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: No.199, Huizhan Road, Honggutan New District (9F, Block B, Honggu Building)
Post code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 83986212