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Urban and Rural Planning Bureau of Nanchang City
updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   1. Carry out the national and provincial laws, regulations, rules and principles and policies related to the urban planning and the township planning; organize to formulate the local regulations, regulatory documents and policies on urban planning and township planning, and organize their implementation.
   2. Organize to formulate the city-wide urban system planning, the overall urban planning, the special planning, the district planning and the detailed planning, audit and approve the achievements according to law.
   3. Organize to implement the approved city-wide urban system planning, the overall urban planning, the special planning, the district planning, the detailed planning and the township planning.
   4. Implement the unified management on the urban planning, and issue the Site Selection Report for Proposed Project, the Permit for Construction Land-use Planning and the Permit for Construction Works Planning to the construction land-use, the construction engineering, the municipal engineering and the pipeline project according to law.
   5. Guide and coordinate the county (district), village and township planning management within the administrative area of this city.
   6. Inspect and supervise the various construction projects within the planning area of the city according to law; investigate and prosecute the ultra vires approval and the illegal constructions of all kinds; take charge of the administrative reexamination, the administrative proceedings and the publicity and education on the law concerning the city’s planning management.
   7. Manage the surveying and mapping within the urban area; manage the basic mapping of the topography of the urban planning construction within the administrative area; manage and protect the relocation of the survey markers.
   8. Examine the qualification of the urban planning design units and their industry sector management.
   9. Manage the urban planning files; collect, compile, manage and protect and the urban planning files, and provide their availability.
   10. Take charge of the organization mechanism and the personnel management of the bureau and the directly affiliated institutions; examine the overseas visits and the departure by personnel of the bureau; organize to guide the education and training to the cadres of the urban and rural planning; guide the personnel establishment of the urban and rural planning system.
   11. Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
Address: 22F, Block B, Honggu Building
Post code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 83986502