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Personnel Bureau of Nanchang City
Source:   updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the Party’s and the national guidelines, policies and regulations concerning personnel work; study and formulate proposals and measures on the city’s personnel system reform; establish and carry out the scientific and legalized personnel management system; take charge of the macroscopical planning, the integrated management, the supervision and guidance and the coordination service of the city’s personnel work; study and draft policies and provisions on post determination and reposition of redundant personnel in institutional reform.
   (II) Study and formulate the macro policies on overall planning, structural adjustment, salary distribution of personnel in government agencies and public institutions; formulate the personnel plans and salary plans in government agencies and public institutions; take charge of the gross payroll and wage fund administration in government agencies and public institutions.
   (III) Comprehensively administer the city’s professionals and technicians and team construction of professionals and technicians; take charge of the planning and the cultivation of professionals; comprehensively manage professional title system reform of professionals and technicians in the whole city and qualification appraisal of professional and technical posts; carry out the professional and technical certified qualification system; perfect the qualification exam system and position appointment system for professionals; recommend, select and administer the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions and experts eligible to special government allowances; carry out the selection and the cultivation of academic and technical leaders in company with the departments concerned; administer and coordinate the post-doctorate workstation; take charge of the allocation, job adjustment and relevant researching fund support for returned students in the city; organize professionals and technicians to serve economic construction.
(IV) Take charge of the personnel system reform in government agencies and public institutions in the whole city; study and draft policies and provisions on public institution personnel management and organize their implementation; comprehensively administer the city’s appointed cadre work; establish and perfect employment contract authentication; be responsible for the personnel affairs dispute arbitration.
   (V) Comprehensively administer the city’s national public servants and the construction of civil servant team; carry out the national public servant system; draft the implementation measures and detailed rules in accordance with policies and regulations of national public servant management, and organize their implementation; guide and coordinate the implementation of national public servant system by county, district and organizations directly under municipal government.
   (VI) Be in charge of the planning and development of talent resource; take charge of the administration and use of “Talent Development Special Fund”; formulate the policies and provisions on personnel flow and talents market management; develop and standardize the talents market; comprehensively administer all kinds of talent intermediary service agencies in the city; undertake the routine work of Municipal Talents Work Leading Group; draft the employment policies for university and college graduates; take charge of the employment guidance for university and college graduates; study and formulate the talent introduction and flowing allocation policies; undertake the flowing allocation of relevant personnel.
   (VII) Comprehensively administer the wage, welfare and retirement in government agencies and public institutions; study and formulate policies and provisions on wage, allowance, welfare, personnel retirement and demission in government agencies and public institutions, and organize their implementation. Participate in the study and formulation of social security policies of government agencies and public institutions; give guidance to management and service for retired personnel and personnel that resigns from office in government agencies and public institutions.
   (VIII) Comprehensively administer governmental recognition and reward; study and formulate governmental recognition and reward system; audit the groups and the individuals who win recognition and reward from the Municipal Government and recognition and reward activities by the Municipal Government; guide and coordinate the city’s recognition and reward work by departments; undertake relevant affairs about rewards and punishment by the Municipal Government.
   (IX) Comprehensively administer the city’s demobilized military officers’ emplacement; study and formulate the city’s demobilized military officers’ emplacement policies; formulate emplacement and training plans, and organize their implementation; handle emplacement work of demobilized military officers and  family members following transfer and migration in company with the departments concerned; take charge of management and service of ex-servicemen with independent job options.
   (X) Take charge of the city’s introduction of foreign intelligence; formulate planning and project plans on the city’s foreign intelligence introduction, and organize the implementation; administer centrally the city’s overseas training; undertake examination and approval and filing of overseas training projects; undertake routine work of Municipal Foreign Intelligence Introduction Leading Group.
   (XI) Comprehensively administer the training of municipal national public servants; take charge of continuing education of professionals, technicians and management personnel.
   (XII) Guide, supervise, inspect and coordinate personnel work of government system and sectors in the city; take charge of publicity, scientific research and information work of personnel system.
   (XIII) Undertake other duties assigned the municipal government.
Address: 7F, North Municipal Government Building, Honggutan New District
Post code: 330038
Public supervision hotline: 83884279/83883558