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Committee of Municipal and Rural Construction of Nanchang City
Source:   updated on: 2009-11-27
Main Functions:
   (I) Carry out the national laws, regulations, rules and policies related to urban construction, engineering construction, township construction, construction industry, project exploration, design and consultation industry and housing construction; study and draft the local policies, rules and guide their implementation, and conduct the trade management.
   (II) Formulate the mid- and long-term programs and reform schemes for the urban construction, engineering construction, township construction, construction industry, project exploration, design and consultation industry and organize their implementation; plan, construct and manage the urban sculpture; formulate the housing construction plans in conjunction with relevant departments and guide their implementation.
   (III) Manage the key construction projects, formulate the annual schedule for urban maintenance, coordinate and supervise the various early-stage preparations, review the works programme, and dispatch the funds accordingly; manage the budget and final account auditing for key projects and other projects, and organize the final acceptance; manage the admittance of the units for project exploration and design, construction, supervision and materials and equipments supply of the key projects.
   (IV) Manage the construction industry (including the interior and exterior decoration industries, the same below), cultivate and standard the construction market; be in charge of the capability management of the construction and erection enterprises, building products enterprises, construction supervision entities, tender agents, consultation agencies of project costs as well as the competence of the practitioners; keep records for the market acceptance, bidding and tendering, construction supervision, construction contract, construction permit, quality monitoring, safety in production, civilized construction and completion of the project acceptance as well as the project appraisal; manage the energy-saving building materials, the commercial concrete, the comprehensive application of coal fly ash, and the usage license of building materials and equipments.
   (V) Manage the project exploration, design and consultation industry, cultivate and standard the exploration and design market; be in charge of the capability management of the project exploration, design and consultation unit and other enterprises mainly dealing with design, as well as the position certification of the practitioners; manage the market acceptance, bidding and tendering of the design scheme, record of design contract, construction plan review, and the quality of the project exploration and design; organize and implement the compulsive technical standard for the engineering construction; formulate the local construction technical regulations in conjunction with relevant departments; provide fortification against earthquakes for the industrial and civil architectures.
   (VI) Organize to implement the national and the provincial unified standards and quotas for engineering construction; organize to formulate the local standards and quotas for the local engineering construction.
   (VII) Formulate the standards for the city’s township construction, and guide the construction of the new town for migrant people.
   (VIII) Formulate the scientific and technological progress policies, development plans and annual plans for the urban construction, engineering construction, municipal infrastructure construction, construction industry, project exploration, design and consultation industry, and housing construction; manage the scientific and technological achievements of the construction industry, organize and promote the new products, new materials, new technologies and new equipments; organize and implement the significant technology introduction and critical technology project development for the city’s construction industry.
   (IX) Formulate an education and talents cultivation plan for the city’s construction industry; be in charge of the on-the-job training and continuation education for the professionals of the construction industry; organize the city’s evaluation of professional titles for the technical engineering and architecture industry, as well as the inter-system intellectual resources import.
   (X) Organize to formulate and implement the foreign investment utilization plan to the urban construction in conjunction with the Development Planning Commission; be in charge of the urban construction and economic development; guide and coordinate the external foreign cooperation and labor service cooperation by the construction industry.
   (XI) Take charge of the labor insurance fund of the city’s construction enterprises and the overall planning of the construction industry; be responsible for the statistics of the construction economy of the industry; guide the industrial enterprises and subsidiary enterprises to transform their operational mechanism; guide the finance and audit of the subordinate units as well as the management of the state-owned property.
   (XII) Coordinate the site selection for the key constructions projects; take part in the formulation and elevation of the city-wide urban structure planning, the urban master planning, the overall land-use planning as well as various special planning; review the city district planning, the detailed programming under control, and the constructive detailed programming; participate in checking the implementation of the urban planning; take part in the protection of old-town restoration, the historical cultural city and the architectures.
   (XIII) Take charge of the comprehensive coordination, supervision and inspection to the construction department; guide the operations of the administrative department for construction by counties and districts.
   (XIV) Take charge of the Party-mass work of the of the Commission and affiliated institutions; manage the organization mechanism, the cadre and personnel system, and the labor wages of the Commission and the affiliated institutions; supervise the cultural and ideological progress, the ideological and political work, the good building and the discipline inspection.
   (XV) Undertake other duties assigned by the municipal government.
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