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Educational Resources
updated on: 2021-07-02

Higher Institutions

Nanchang City has 54 higher institutions, including 52 regular institutions of higher learning (including 25 undergraduate institutions and 27 higher vocational institutions), and 2 adult higher institutions. There were over 41,210 in-school master students, 360,220 in-school undergraduate students and 327,632 in-school general junior college program students. There were 179,707 graduates of various kinds of higher education in 2020, among whom 143,011 graduates found a job, with employment rate of 79.58%.

Vocational Education

Nanchang now has 109 vocational institutions of various levels and kinds, including 2 undergraduate institutions of vocational education, 25 higher vocational institutions, 42 secondary vocational schools, and 40 technical schools. More than 700 majors are offered, including 206 majors for secondary vocational programs, 265 backbone model majors, covering the first, second and tertiary industries. The graduates’ employment rate reached 93.84%, the counterpart employment rate reached 81.95%, with average starting salary of 2,554.7yuan/person.