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Nanchang GDP Achieving 527.467 Billion Yuan in 2018
Source:   updated on: 2019-01-31

It was learned by the journalist from Municipal Bureau of Statistics that since 2018, the whole city adhered to make progress in stability, focused on the overall strategy of industrial development of “one core and two focuses”, strengthened new superiorities, cultivated new energy, coordinated various work in stabilizing growth, facilitating reform, adjusting structure, benefiting livelihood and preventing risks, achieving overall stable economic operation, gradually improving development quality and remarkable high-quality development effect.
After the verification by Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics, the whole city achieved gross regional domestic product of 527.467 billion yuan in 2018, increasing 8.9% compared with last year, and the growth rate is 2.3% and 0.2% higher than that of the country and the province.

Source: Nanchang Daily