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Yin Meigen Introducing Talent Policies in Nanchang University
Source:   updated on: 2019-03-15

Development is the first priority and talent is the first resource. On March 14, member of Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Yin Meigen went to Nanchang University to introduce the situation of Nanchang City, urban development and talent policies to teachers and students. He pointed out that Nanchang is advocating the strategy of city-prospering by talents, seeking for excellent talents, making them give play to their superiorities, sincerely inviting elites to gather in "the City of Heroes" to achieve new development of Nanchang, demonstrate new achievement of era elites, realize new dream for life target and make talents blossoming in Nanchang.

Secretary of Party Committee of Nanchang University Yu Xiaoshe presided over the reprot meeting. Municipal leaders Jiang Xiaobin and Guo Yi attended.

Source: Nanchang Daily