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Liu Shiyu Coming to Nanchang for Investigation
Source:   updated on: 2019-04-16

Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group and Council Director of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Liu Shiyu and the delegation came to Nanchang for investigation of the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives on April 15. Vice Governors Sun Jusheng, Hu Qiang, Deputy Secretary General of Provincial Government Song Leiming, Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee Qiu Xiangjun accompanied.

On the construction site of Nanchang Supply and Marketing Building, Liu Shiyu knew about the construction progress and planned usage in details. He emphasized that we should guarantee the timely delivery and the benefit of “Nanchang Supply and Marketing Building”, take standardized enterprise management as grab, facilitate social enterprises to be larger and stronger, create the new force and comprehensive platform serving for farmers, and boost the poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

Source: Nanchang Daily