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Tackling Difficulties to Resolutely Fight against Poverty
updated on: 2019-05-14

On the afternoon of May 13, Mayor Liu Jianyang paid a special visit to Helin Village, Xiangshan Town, Xinjian District, which is a poverty relief village supervised by Municipal General Office, to visit Xiong Weixin and Xiong Yunchang, which are the heads of the poor households supported by him, and send them living materials as well as the care from the Party and the government. Deputy Mayor Fan Sanbao and Li Songdian accompanied the visit.

During the visit, Liu Jianyang pointed out that the province-wide poverty alleviation in 2019 has witnessed great progress, and this year is a crucial year for winning the three-year campaign of targeted poverty alleviation. Departments at all levels shall raise their awareness, earnestly their sense of mission and urgency, overcome obstacles and win the fight against poverty. They shall also adhere to the combination of poverty alleviation, spirit inspiration and education improvement so as to help poor households get rid off the thought of “Wait, Rely, Beg”, enhance the endogenous power, improve the development ability, and achieve stable poverty alleviation. It is necessary to further deepen the measures for poverty alleviation, focus on improving weak links, get through the “last mile” of policy implementation, adjust measures to local conditions to undertake industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation and employment alleviation, and lay a decisive foundation for comprehensively winning the fight against poverty.

Source: Nanchang Daily