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Gather Efforts to Ensure Stable Facilitation of “Enclave Economy”
updated on: 2019-08-09

On August 8, City Mayor Liu Jianyang led a team to Jinxian County to deeply investigate the facilitation construction of “enclave economy” for the coordination of difficulties and problems occurred in the process of relevant project construction. Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor Xiao Yuwen attended the investigation.

On that afternoon, Liu Jianyang and the team went to Nanchang Model Park for Industrial Transformation and Upgrading, Lianjue Electronic FPC Industrial Park and Nanchang Zhengye Technology Co., Ltd. successively for field investigation, knowing about the infrastructures construction, project facilitation and enterprise development in details. Liu Jianyang said that to develop “enclave economy” conforms to national requirements and meets the urban development needs of Nanchang. Nanchang High-tech Zone, Qingshanhu District and Jinxian County made substantial progress in the process of exploring the development of “enclave economy”, having explored path, accumulated experience, with a good start.

Source: Nanchang Daily