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The First China Rice Noodles Festival Held in Nanchang Tomorrow
updated on: 2021-06-10

In order to advance the development of food industry, promote the rural revitalization, and facilitate local consumption, the First China Rice Noodles Festival jointly hosted by Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province, People’s Government of Nanchang Municipality, and China Hospitality Association will be held in Nanchang from June 11 to June 15. The main venue of the Festival is set in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center, with branch venues set in Nanchang Sunac Cultural Tourism Town, Wanshou Palace Historical and Cultural Block, Shengli Road Pedestrian Street, Anyi Rice Noodles Town, Anyi Ancient Village, and etc.

“As one of ten major famous snacks of Jiangxi Cuisine, “Nanchang Rice Noodles” has become a necessary famous delicacy for local people and tourists.” said by relevant person-in-charge of Bureau of Commerce of Nanchang City. The First China Rice Noodles Festival held in Nanchang is not only the intrinsic requirement for the propaganda of the rice noodles culture of China and the stimulation of catering consumption, but also the urgent need for the facilitation the development of rice noodles industry in Nanchang and the promotion of consumption upgrading.

Source: Nanchang Daily