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Our City Establishing the “Guidance Station for the Protection of Business Secrets”
updated on: 2021-11-22

What should we do if product formula is leaked? How can we stop loss in time if employees take away customer list after quitting? Recently, the first batch of “Guidance Stations (Liaison Sites) for the Protection of Business Secrets” of Nanchang City were established in High-tech Zone, Qingyunpu District and Nanchang County. The Guidance Station will help enterprises better protect their business secrets, and make rapid response in case of infringement of rights.

In order to boost the establishment and perfection of business secret protection system integrating self-protection, administrative protection and judicial protection of business secrets, relevant staff of Nanchang Administration for Market Regulation paid a visit to the enterprises in their jurisdiction area to know about their operation, core technology and protection of business secrets of each enterprise, and combine with local actual situations to guide the enterprises to correct cognize the scope of business secrets, improve the self-protection awareness of business secrets, establish and perfect the internal management system for business secrets like confidentiality agreement, guide the enterprises to build the sense of fair competition, consciously operate the enterprises according to laws and regulations, clarify the right boundary, and avoid infringing other people’s business secrets and intelligent property rights.

Source: Nanchang Daily