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Nanchang Offering 5 Billion Yuan to Attract, Gather and Retain Talents
updated on: 2021-11-23

In order to boost our city to achieve high-quality and great-leap-forward development and take the lead in boosting the rise of the Central China, Nanchang Finance adheres to support the talents with funds, takes the talents’ work as an important supporting area for financial fund, focuses on optimizing talents development environment, raises 5 billion yuan capital pool to carry out the plan of talents gathering, makes the talents increment larger, the talents stock better and attracts more talents to come to Nanchang for startups and business.

Our City has formulated the Talents Capital Guarantee Mechanism of Nanchang City to offer preferential policies for talents coming to and staying at Nanchang in terms of settlement rewards, living allowances, housing subsidies, start-up loan, and etc. to guarantee the talents gathering plan. We have successfully introduced the Opinions on Implementing the “Heroic City Welcomes Great Talents” Plan and 33 supporting detailed provisions, implemented six talents introduction and cultivation plans by means of project grants, rewards and subsidies, loan with discounted interest, and etc., and firmly built the battle position for talents gathering.

Source: Nanchang Daily