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Our City’s Open Economy Achieving Outstanding Performance during the Period of the “13th Five-year Plan”
updated on: 2021-11-19

Opening-up brings opportunities, and competition facilitates development. Opening-up is the only route leading to prosperous development. During the period of the “13th Five-year Plan”, Nanchang’s open economy has achieved outstanding performance during the period of the “13th Five-year Plan”.

Over the five years, the hub function of opening-up has kept strengthening. The number of the navigation stations of Changbei International Airport was increased to 94, the new international cargo terminal and international mail exchange bureau, international express regulation center and customs clearance center were put into operation, the average growth of freight throughput ranked top among national ten-million-level airport for consecutive three years; 273 China-Europe trains were dispatched accumulatively, and 96.9 thousand TEUs were sent via railway-sea transportation.

Over the five years, the opening-up platforms have been improved and upgraded. The site of the World Conference on VR Industry is permanently settled in Nanchang, President Xi personally sent letter of congratulations for the First World Conference on VR Industry, 13 international sister cities have been signed, making the number of sister cities reach 38, and 17 international and national exhibitions had been introduced.

Over the five years, we have obtained outstanding results in two-way opening-up, introduced 80 projects invested by Global 500 companies and 84 projects invested by China Top 500 companies, newly added 157 filed overseas investment enterprises, accounting for 1/3 of provincial-wide total amount, and the total export volume broke through ten billion dollars for the first time……

During the period of the “13th Five-year Plan”, Nanchang has deeply implemented the new development philosophies, accelerated to build the new development pattern, taken the reform and innovation as fundamental power to vigorously implement the opening-up improvement strategy, boost the gathering of open channels and platforms integration, develop and expand open economy, and focus on building a new high ground for the opening-up with important influence.

Source: Nanchang Daily