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Our City Maintaining Stable and Favorable Economic Operation in the First Ten Months
updated on: 2021-11-24

It was learned by the journalist from Statistics Bureau of Nanchang yesterday that from January to October, our city maintains stable and favorable economic operation with recovery momentum, major indicators maintain rapid growth, quality efficiency obtains obvious improvement, development tenacity sustains, and the tendency of foundation building and improvement has been further consolidated.

The industrial production in the first ten months maintains stable operation, and the quality efficiency has been stably improved. From January to October, the added value of the industry above designated scale achieves a year-on-year growth of 13.3%, and two-year average growth of 8.2%. In terms of economic type, state-owned holding enterprises, joint-equity enterprises, private enterprises and the enterprises invested by foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan merchants have realized the growth of 9.8%, 11.4%, 17.9% and 22.6% respectively. In terms of industries, among 35 industrial categories, 30 industries have realized growth, and 20 industries have realized two-digit growth. In terms of products, among 142 kinds of major industrial products mainly monitored city-wide, 116 kinds have realized growth, with a growth coverage of 81.7%. Among which, electronic components, LCD modules, mobile communication handsets (mobile phones) and other products maintain favorable growth, with the growth of 233.0%, 154.6% and 111.9% respectively.

Source: Nanchang Daily