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Historic Site of Haihun Duke Tomb
Source:   updated on: 2018-10-15

Haihun Marquis Tomb of the Western Han Dynasty in Nanchang is adjacent to Ganjiang River to the east, adjoining to Poyang Lake to the north, about 60km away from downtown Nanchang, and it is located at Dundun Mountain, Guanxi Village, Datangping Township, Xinjian District, Nanchang City. The cemetery area is about 46 thousand m2 (about 70mu). Its northeast is the site of the Forbidden City in the Han Dynasty (about 3.6km2) and the site of Changyi City in the Han Dynasty (about 2km2), and there is a burial area for the noble and the civilian in the Han Dynasty in its west and south with a total area of about 3.4km2. All of these consist of a complete large historic site unit, which is the largest marquis settlement historic site in the Han Dynasty with the largest area, the best preservation and the most connotations found in our country up till now. It is an important national historical and cultural heritage.