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Nanchang Wanda Theme Park
updated on: 2018-10-15

It is a world-class park built combining Ganpo culture, with a total investment of nearly 3 billion yuan, covering a land area of 80 hectares (800 thousand m2), daily reception of 50 thousand people. The Park consists of 6 theme areas (bamboo secret, cloud pavilion, fairy wonderland, Poyang fishery, colorful porcelain capital, land of idyllic beauty), more than 60 entertainment facilities, 16 specialty shops, 18 theme restaurants, with a scale comparable with Tokyo Disneyland, designed by world famous company, fully integrating features of Jiangxi. It has the highest, fastest and longest super large roller coaster in China, as well as various kinds of world latest entertainment facilities, making tourists feel passion in lightning speed, and experience boldness in giant fall.