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Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanchang
   Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanchang, known as Nanchang Hospital of Orthopedics is located on the shore of East Lake in the downtown area of Nanchang and next to Baihuazhou, formerly known as Hongdu Union Clinics of Nanchang that was founded by Yang Ruji and other doctors of traditional Chinese medicine; in 1957, the municipal government approved to establish the "Hongdu Union Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanchang" and then in 1960, the Hospital changed the name into "Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanchang", and then in January 2006, the Hospital was given the name of "Nanchang Hospital of Orthopedics". The hospital is one of the earliest hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine in Jiangxi Province. At that time, the Hospital had 70 beds and more than 70 employees. The main business of the Hospital is the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the specialty of the Hospital is the combined internal and external therapies. As a result, the Hospital has been popular among the public of Nanchang, especially the Department of Orthopedics. Due to the development in fifty years and with the effort of the employees of the Hospital, Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanchang now has covered 6200 square meters from a small Hongdu Union Clinics of Nanchang, and now the Hospital has 303 employees and 300 beds. Now the Hospital is the only comprehensive hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanchang.
   In 2000, under the leadership of the municipal government, the municipal Party committee and the municipal health bureau, the Hospital, based on its actual strength, started the reform on personnel assignment system first to optimize the personnel structure and implement the quality of personnel overall; started the system establishment first to enhance the hospital management and create new development mechanisms; and started from the improvement of the hospital environment to implement the human-oriented services from the overall. Besides, the Hospital has established the system with the main department of orthopedics and traumatology, so as to promote the development of other departments, to highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, to make the hospital be stronger and bigger and to build the main department of orthopedics and traumatology into the first-class department in the province, thus promoting the development of small or large special departments of medical care, teaching and research centers surrounded. In 2001, the department of orthopedics and traumatology of the Hospital was awarded as "Orthopedics Medical Center" of Jiangxi Province" by the Health Department of Jiangxi Province; and in 2004, the department of orthopedics and traumatology was awarded as "Famous Department of Nanchang City" by Nanchang Health Bureau; now the department of orthopedics and traumatology of the Hospital can be divided into a traumatology branch, a spinal surgery branch, a joint surgery branch, a pediatric orthopedics branch, a orthopedics branch, a massage rehabilitation branch and the other two second-level orthopedics and traumatology branch. Furthermore, the hospital has three famous doctors specialized in orthopedics and traumatology. To 2006, the outpatient visit increased by 45.9% compared with that in 2000, the number of discharged patients increased by 90.5% compared with that in 2000, the number of patients undergoing to operations increased by 165.2%, the number of beds increased by 133.5% , the total asset value increased by 64.9% compared with that in 2000 and the income increased by 168.7% compared with that in 2000; Now the Hospital has developed into a comprehensive hospital of Chinese medicine integrating with medical care, teaching, research, prevention and health care with the competitive department of orthopedics and traumatology and the characteristics of internal medicine department of traditional Chinese medicine, the infertility department, the department of Chinese acupuncture, the department of surgery department of traditional Chinese medicine and others. In recent years, the Hospital was awarded as "Satisfactory Hospital of Nanchang", "Advanced Health Unit of Nanchang", "Advanced Party Organization Directly under Nanchang Health Bureau", "Unit of Creditable Management and High Quality", "Advanced Unit of Jiangxi Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine" by Nanchang Quality and Technical Supervision Unit and others.
   Tenet: patient-centered, quality of the core, meeting the demands of the public and duteous medical personnel
   Service concept - your needs are our job contents and your health is our objective.
   Principle of the Hospital: Kind, studious, industrious and aggressive
   Address: No. 264, Minde Road, Nanchang City
   Postcode: 330008
   Tel: 0791-86781658

From:Municipal Health Bureau
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