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No. 2 Hospital of Nanchang
   The No. 2 Hospital of Nanchang is located in the charming Nanchang on the bank of Ganjiang River and at the side of Laofushan; The Hospital with the great strengths was founded in 1950, formerly known as Health Alliance Hospital of Nanchang. In April 1956, the government was renamed into "The No. 2 Hospital of Nanchang" with the approval of the municipal government. In 1957, the Hospital was merged with No. 525 Hospital of Chinese People's Volunteers in Nanchang and then moved to the present site; for the development of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, in December 1984 the Hospital was renamed again with the approval of the municipal government into "Nanchang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese with Western Medicine"; in 1996, the Hospital was granted one of the 13 upper first-class hospital integrated Traditional Chinese with Western Medicine and was identified by the Provincial Health Department as "Treatment, Teaching and Research Base of integrated Traditional Chinese with Western Medicine in Jiangxi Province." Furthermore, it was awarded as "Satisfactory Hospital at the Provincial Level" and has been awarded as "Provincial Civilized Unit" for many years.
   With the hard work of the leaders and the cooperation of employees, the hospital now is expanding and its business is greater. Now the Hospital has 809 employees, of which, there are 731 health and technical employees, accounting for 90% to the total number of employees, including 107 employees with senior professional titles, 280 employees with intermediate professional titles and 4 master teachers. The Hospital has 560 beds, 37 clinic and medical laboratories. The annual number of people subject to the outpatient service and the emergency treatment is more than 300 thousand and more than 10 thousand discharged patients and in-patients. Furthermore, the hospital is equipped with the advanced "Video-laparoscope, arthroscope, ureteroscope, cataract phacoemulsification instrument, DSA, high-frequency breast machine, SCT, color Doppler ultrasound and electronic gastrointestinal videoscope" and other advanced high-tech medical equipment. In the past five years, there have 200 dissertations produced from the hospital, of which, 70 dissertations are published in the national publications; 62 dissertations are subject to the research by the establishment of the specific subject; 51 dissertations are relevant to the introduction of new technologies and the launching of new projects; furthermore, the hospital has been granted the provincial and municipal science and technology awards for many times. Now the Hospital has received nearly 1,200 interns from different schools and more than 260 fellows for advanced studies. Besides, the hospital has held more than 200 professional seminars with almost 20 thousand participants; in addition, the Hospital has held once Nationwide Training for Herbalist Doctor on Chiropractice and twice classes of Provincial Minimally Invasive Cavity Microscopy, as a result, both the influence and the visibility of the Hospital are expanded.
   The Hospital lays equal emphasis on the traditional Chinese and western medicine, pays more attention to the competitive department and the specialty department, and is striving for superiority. The Hospital persists in the integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, as a result, the construction of the department of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine has achieved remarkable results. In 2001, the Hospital founded the cooperative hospital jointly with Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, greatly enhancing the capacities of the Hospital on medical care, teaching and research; in October 2002, the municipal government invited Chen Keji, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the president of Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine; in 2003, the Hospital was awarded as  one of the "Top 10 Hospitals of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of National Key Construction" by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China. And in 2006, the Hospital was awarded as "Model Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangxi Province" by the provincial health department. Furthermore, the department of soft tissues disease, department of fatty liver and diabetes department of the Hospital have been included into the plan for the specialist department (department specialized for diseases) of key construction by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China. And the endocrinology department, gastroenterology department, urology department, pulmonary medicine department, infertility department, department of soft tissues disease and emergency department of the Hospital were awarded as the provincial key departments in 2006, and the vasculocardiology department, neurology department and oncology department as well as orthopedics department of the Hospital was awarded as the specialist department of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine of key construction in the "Eleventh Five-Year" for the Jiangxi Province in 2007. Besides, the Hospital has also been identified as AIDS clinical base of Chinese medicine treatment in Jiangxi Province and the separate caring outpatient department is also provided.
   The minimally invasive endoscopy of the Hospital was a wonder in the surgery circle, was praised by the person in the same occupation and was the leader in the province. The minimally invasive endoscopic technology of the Hospital has its great academic status and influence in Jiangxi Province. The minimally invasive endoscopic technology, along with the department of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine has been the two competitive products of the Hospital. Since 1991, the year when the Hospital was one of the first to use the laparoscopic technology, the Hospital has achieved remarkable results and the laparoscopic technology has been successfully used more than 20,000 surgeries, the most in Jiangxi Province. The hospital, with the leader of the laparoscopic technology, has formed the group of prevailing minimally invasive endoscopic technology, covering secretion surgery department, gynecology department, department of general surgery, department of orthopaedics, department of otorhinolaryngology, thoracic surgery department and others. Besides, the hospital has at the leading level in the province; at present, in the biliary disease diagnosis and treatment, the zero operation conversion has been achieved in five years on end, the utilization ratio of the minimally invasive technology in the urology surgery has reached 90% and the utilization ratio of the minimally invasive technology in the gynecologic surgery has reached 85%. The " minimally invasive (biliary tract disease) diagnosis and treatment center" was awarded as the Famous Development of Nanchang in July 2004, and Chen Huigen, the chief physician was awarded as the Famous Doctor of Nanchang. In 2006, the department of urology surgery was awarded as the Famous Department of Nanchang and since September 2007, the department of urology surgery of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been subordinate to the department.
   Address: No, 90, 81 Avenue, Nanchang (Laofushan)
   Postcode: 330003
   24-hours hotline: 0791-86236120
   Traffic route: No. 2, No. 5, No. 9, No. 11, No. 15, No. 16, No. 18, No. 24, No. 26, No. 203, No. 204, No. 206, No. 215, No. 219, No. 221, No. 225, No. 230, No. 233, No. 236, No. 239 and No. 602 to Laofushan Station.

From:Municipal Health Bureau
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