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Book Store
Jiangxi Provincial Xinhua Book Store       Address: No. 102, Bayi Road       Telephone: 86301458
Xinhua Book Store Guangchnag Shopping Center   Address: No. 272, Bayi Road       Telephone: 86262026
Xinhua Book Store Hongdudadao Shopping Center  Address: No. 199, Hongdu Middle Road   Telephone: 88322434
Xinhua Book Store Times Book Square       Address: No. 308, Yangming Road     Telephone: 86895197
Xinhua Book Store Video Store          Address: No. 272, Bayi Road       Telephone: 86224828
Xinhua Book Store Discount Store         Address: No. 3, Yongshu Road       Telephone: 86265392
Xinhua Book Store Ancient Book Store       Address: No. 17, Zhongshan West Road   Telephone: 86592751
Xinhua Book Store Medicine Book Store      Address: No. 456, Bayi Road       Telephone: 88623189
Xinhua Book Store Qingyunpu Store        Address: No. 275, Jinggangshan Road   Telephone: 88442226
Xinhua Book Store Hongdu Store          Address: No. 286, Xinxiqiao, Hongdu   Telephone: 88449295
Zhimakaimen Book Store              Address: No. 135, Bayi Road       Telephone: 87037399
Xishu Book Store                 Address: No. 6, Yijing Road       Telephone: 86805924
Dingding Book Store               Address: Shangfang Road         Telephone: 88195591
Jiangxi Jiaotong Book Store           Address: No. 657, Jinggangshan Road   Telephone: 88454813
ianxi Jianshe Book Store             Address: No. 93, Guangchang North Road  Telephone: 86225413
Qingyuan Book Store               Address: No. 18, Wenjiao Road      Telephone: 88528829
Jianda Architecture Book Store          Address: No. 260 Beijing West Road    Telephone: 86229956
Hongxing Law Book Store             Address: No. 168, Beijing East Road   Telephone: 88337230

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